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The Hardin County Agricultural Society met on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 for its monthly board meeting in June. Eleven directors and eight guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Chairman of the Board, opened the meeting.

Tori Korian, of Hardin County OSU Extension, said she would take a new job in Hancock County. She also said all livestock records were due this week.
Tim Striker, Hardin County commissioner, said commissioners were given a large sum of money and were looking for projects in the county that it would be used for. They ask organizations to submit projects to them.
It has been noted that Bob Fish, former Director of the Board of Directors and former Chairman of the Board of Directors has passed away today.

It was noted that an executive committee meeting is to be scheduled soon to consider the demands of the superintendent of the land.

Corey Ledley said he is working on a new 2 year gas contract, as our current gas contract ends July 31, 2021. The board voted to have Gammon’s Tree Service cut 8 large oak trees in the park exhibitions for $ 200 an hour, 8 hours of work. A working day to paint the roofs of the racehorse stable has been set for Saturday, July 24, with a start at 7:30 am. Work continues with County Commissioners for the paving and tracing of the new parking lot.

Craig Stump, campground co-chair, said he’s working on a national Cushman contract, with that event slated for next year in June. And, another event is in the works for next year in September after the fair. It was noted that there are still a few campsites available for this year’s fair.

Rob Wilson, president of entertainment, said he was working on securing an inspirational hour speaker and music for the service. It was noted that an updated contract is required for the All American Petting Zoo. Rob will work on securing this contract.

Cattle judges are still needed for dairy and beef. The dairy beef feeders were weighed on May 29 and 104 feeders were weighed and labeled. Sheep weighing is scheduled for Saturday June 12 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and goats weighing is scheduled for the same day, Saturday June 12 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Jack McBride noted that if an exhibitor chooses to bring their animal home, the 840 tags cannot be cut from the animal – this is a federal offense. Paul Ralston, chairman of the poultry committee, said the book of fairs indicated that poultry were not required to undergo pullorum testing this year, but IT IS REQUIRED this year and a date will be set for testing.

It has been noted that if anyone wishes to have a supplier spot at the Hardin County Fair 2021, they must go to www.hardincountyfair.org and complete a contract request form under the dealership / supplier tab. All contracts are done online this year.

Sherri Beale, Jr Fair Board Advisor, said she continues to look for an art judge in high school. She also requested that on the working day, during lunch, the committees stay with their senior director of the show board and review the floor plans, etc.

Judi Cronley, said there are a few organizations that haven’t paid for this year’s sponsorships. Reminders will be sent to them. It has been decided that the show brochures will not be printed this year, as the show will have a new app with all the information and there will also be big screen TVs located around the fair grounds with information about the events. of the day. There will be around 650 people in the community who will receive a postcard, indicating how to view the Premium Fair 2021 book.

Kolt Buchenroth said Big Screen TVs, I Phones and I Pads for Doors and other miscellaneous. items have been purchased. Kolt also said that sponsors will receive thank you cards for being a 2021 sponsor.

Under former profession:
Doormen are still needed for Fair Saturday and Fair Wednesday morning.
Open class judges are always needed for wine, HS art, woodworking, photography, and flowers.

In the context of new business:
It has been noted that the Ohio Department of Agriculture receives $ 50,000 for each Ohio fair. Judi indicated that the Q2 newsletter will be sent out soon. It was also noted that 3 major family events chose to cancel in July, due to the COVID pandemic. The next fair’s board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday July 7 at 7 p.m. in the Arts / Crafts building.

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