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Attorney General Merrick Garland makes an announcement at the ATF in Washington, DC on July 22, 2021. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via Reuters)

Merrick Garland has, as I explained two weeks ago, turned the United States Department of Justice into something like a leftist blog, digging here and there into every cultural and partisan battle of the day. , always taking the side of the left. cultural crusades and Democratic partisanship. He has also become an engine of obstruction; at a time when the federal government is often crippled, states are busy passing laws to meet the demands and needs of their constituents, and Garland is trying to stop them with investigations, federal prosecutions, or at least press commentary. threatening. That said, the trend is not limited to the DOJ; he is omnipresent in this administration.

Last week, the DOJ sued Galveston, Texas, in another redistricting lawsuit. Yesterday, Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division sent a letter to all 50 state attorneys general “reminding them of the constitutional and federal statutory provisions that protect transgender youth from discrimination, including when these youth seek gender-affirming care” and “review[ing] states that laws and policies that prevent individuals from receiving gender-affirming medical care may violate federal constitutional protections under the Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This is a blow to the front of states that have tried to prevent children from making irreversible, sterilizing, genital mutilating and life-altering decisions, especially without parental consent. This is part of an administration-wide campaign. The Department of State issues gender-neutral passports. HHS’s “Bureau of Population Affairs” (an Orwellian name if there is one in the federal bureaucracy) has released a guidance document on “gender-affirming care and youth” that should be read to be believed for its immersion in the distant world. genre left Newspeak. A long list of initiatives announced by the White House predictably included a promise of “civil rights enforcement action by the Department of Justice.”

At a Tuesday press briefing, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield followed up on a warning from Education Secretary and HHS Deputy Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine that the administration was planning also a crackdown on Florida’s new education law:

Q And after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the state’s parental rights in education legislation yesterday, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the administration would monitor its implementation. works “to assess whether it violates federal civil rights law.” Besides monitoring the Florida law, are there any other actions the White House plans to take?

MRS. BEDINGFIELD: Well, President and Secretary Cardona have come out very forcefully against the law. The President also issued a statement yesterday about the tragic impact of this type of law on an incredibly vulnerable population. And he said that, you know, by signing this bill, the governor chose to target some of Florida’s most vulnerable students and families, all under the guise of parental rights. So the Department of Education, as you noted, will continue–monitor this law as it is implemented to assess whether it violates federal civil rights law.

Biden himself has taken to Twitter to break the law. This White House is obsessed with Florida law; earlier in the month, he hosted “a roundtable with Florida reproductive rights advocates and elected leaders to discuss Florida’s House Bill 5” on abortion.

Of course, each presidential administration will put forward its own cultural policies. But at a time when Americans view the national economy and the war in Ukraine with trepidation, and when Democrats are bleeding heavily with voters from their leftist cultural shift, you’d think the administration could at least learn to establish best priorities. They just can’t help themselves.

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