Éric Zemmour, far-right expert, formalizes the French presidential election

His latest book, “France has not yet said its last word”, which he released in September on the occasion of his unofficial entry into the presidential race, has sold over 250,000 copies.

But some of her books contained inflammatory statements about women and minorities, as well as historical inaccuracies as part of efforts to clear France of wrongdoing in some of the worst episodes of her past, most notably during World War II and the Algerian War of Independence. France.

Mr. Zemmour’s 2014 bestseller, “French Suicide,” sought to refute the historic consensus that Vichy, France’s collaborationist government, was responsible for the notorious roundup of Jews during WWII.

Mr. Zemmour is the son of Algerian parents and he presents himself as a defender of French Christian civilization against the influence of Muslim immigrants. But he himself is Jewish, and his repeated attempts to rehabilitate the Vichy government and its leader, Marshal Philippe Pétain, have divided the Jewish community in France.

Mr. Zemmour also excelled as a right-wing television expert deploying harsh nationalist and anti-immigrant rhetoric. In 2019, he joined CNews, a Fox-style news network, which provided him with a platform to express his ideas to hundreds of thousands of viewers during prime time.

Mr Zemmour has seen a rapid rise in the polls in recent months, fueled by feverish media coverage of a tour for his latest book, but he has stumbled in recent days.

Several supporters, including an essential French financier who had loaned money to Mr. Zemmour, distanced themselves, calling his campaign amateurish. The recent campaign stoppages have also cast doubt on his ability to deal with the challenges and pressures of the election campaign.

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