Elon Musk Fans Slam Editor’s ‘Hypocrisy’, But Also End Up Supporting Her ‘Doxxing’

Elon Musk supporters slammed Atlantic News Agency writer and editor Molly Jong-Fast earlier on Tuesday when she said ‘rich old white men’ hate ‘young people’ since the dawn of time. Jong Fast, who appeared on journalist Mehdi Hasan’s show on Monday night, discussed whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter would be a “pivotal moment” as she would see this platform -form of social media being handed over to the “far right”.

The show included harsh criticism of Elon Musk where Hasan called him a “not-so-brilliant billionaire” and “petulant”. However, the whole discussion was not well received by conservative and right-wing or right-libertarian commentators who attacked the author of “groans” about wealthy white men.

Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted the initial tweet and said Jong Fast won the birth lottery after being born into a wealthy white family. “Wealthy white woman Molly Jong Fast – who won the birth lottery by being born to wealthy famous white parents who raised her in Manhattan, sent her to private schools and thus bought herself a co-op of the Upper East Side for $5 million in 2007 at the age of 29 – rants about ‘rich white men,'” Greenwald said.

But it was the next tweet that Greenwald posted that raised some eyebrows. It wasn’t because of the tweet but because of the photo he shared with the tweet. It was a 2007 article that reported that the author had purchased a house in an upscale Upper East Side neighborhood in New York City. “Here is your downtrodden, marginalized journalist who truly understands the struggle and suffering at the hands of ‘rich white men,'” Greenwald said in a tweet.

Did Greenwald dox Molly Jong Fast by leaking her address? We will only be able to know if Molly Jong Fast faces security threats. The address leak may not have been intentional but the original article quickly changes its address and the one available on the internet has a slightly different paragraph than the one tweeted by Greenwald.

It should be noted that the entire right-wing ecosystem has taken aim at Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz for revealing the identity of the owner of the Libs Of TikTok Twitter account. While Lorenz is at fault for revealing the identity of a person who has the right to remain anonymous, Greenwald has also done so, as have Elon Musk himself and Christina Pushaw, secretary to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – who called opponents of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill (aka Don’t Say Gay bill) groomers – also joined in mocking Jong Fast’s views.

Although Jong Fast’s opinions may be discussed, debated or even ridiculed, posting someone’s address after he reported people on the other end for doing the same thing not too long ago is also questionable.

One Twitter user commented that Glenn Greenwald was at best an “authoritarian nationalist in the northern hemisphere and leftist in the southern hemisphere”, while another user joked that soon Christina Pushaw might call him a “groomer”, alluding to a myth among conservatives and faraways. -just that LGBTQIA+ people have tendencies associated with “paedophilia”.

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