Elizabeth Warren: Abortion is about “how our democracy works”

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Said on Monday that access to abortion was about “how our democracy works” and “right-wing extremists” were trying to prevent people from voting in order to impose their point of view on the matter. all over the nation.

In one interview with Teen Vogue first reported by the Daily call, the Liberal Democrat argued that being able to make decisions for oneself is “part of the core” of what democracy is and that the issues of abortion and voting overlap “from the point of view respect for the individual, and also from a political point of view. ”

“Voting and access to abortion are fundamental. They are about the functioning of our democracy and the protection of personal autonomy,” Warren said after being asked whether the right to vote and the right to abortion were the “key issues” to guarantee people’s freedoms. were protected. Protecting the vote means that your voice is heard in government. Protecting access to basic health care means that your autonomy as a human being is fully respected by the law. That you will make decisions about yourself. . ”


“For me, that is part of the heart of it all. This is where the two big battles are taking shape right now. And each intersects. Both from the point of view of respect for the individual, but also of the point of view a political point of view, “she added. “Right-wing extremists know that if they can prevent people from voting, they have a better chance of forcing their views on abortion on a nation that does not want it.”

Warren did not specify who she was referring to as “right-wing extremists,” but cited a 2018 NBC-WSJ Poll which found that 71% of registered voters believed Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark abortion decision, should not be overturned, and claimed that “a small, intensely focused group of people” wanted to “impose their will on the majority” of Americans.

She then asserted, without evidence, that the Republican Party openly admits that it can only “hang on to power” by preventing substantial numbers of American citizens from voting because the abortion policy they wanted. implementing was unpopular with most Americans, apparently referring to Democrats claiming that Republican-backed state election laws attempted to deprive minority voters of the right to vote.


Although Warren cited the poll showing that a majority of Americans supported retaining Roe v. Wade, the same poll showed that only 44% of registered voters said they were more likely to vote for a candidate if they were pro-choice. The remaining 55% said they would be more likely to vote for a pro-life candidate (26%) or that a candidate’s perspective on abortion had no effect on their decision (29%) .

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