Duchess of Sussex calls on US senators to push for paid family leave

The Duchess of Sussex has personally called US Senators on their cellphones to press them for paid family leave.

The mother-of-two, who introduced herself as “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex,” called at least two US senators to press them on the issue.

Campaigners want paid vacation included in an upcoming social spending bill in the United States, with the Duchess joining her biggest political lobby to date.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the Duchess had contacted members of Congress in a personal capacity as “engaged citizen”.

A Republican senator has revealed that she received a call from an unknown number, answering it to find the Duchess online.

Meghan “is part of a task force” …

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gilibrand told Politico: “She wants to be part of a task force to work on long-term paid time off and she will be.

“Whether this happens now or later, she will be part of a group of women who will hopefully work together on paid leave.”

Ms Gillibrand, who is calling for paid time off, said she alerted senators to the possibility of the Duchess calling.

Shelley Moore Capito, the Republican senator from West Virginia, said she was driving when she took the call, initially believing it to be a fellow senator.

Susan Collins, Republican Senator from Maine, said: “To my surprise, she called me on my private line and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex.

“I was happy to speak with her, but I’m more interested in what the folks in Maine are telling me about paid time off.

… who writes in ‘mum’

She later told the New York Times: “She just figured out that she thought paid time off was really important, and I told her there were a lot of different approaches, and people were working on it. “

The Duchess has already written an open letter to Chuck Schumer, the US Senator, and President Nancy Pelosi, demanding paid leave for new parents.

The Duchess, who said she writes as a ‘mom’, argued that mothers and fathers shouldn’t be forced to ‘choose between earning a living and having the freedom to care for their child’ .

Writing in a 1,010-word letter on letterhead, the Duchess said: ‘If we are to create a new era of family-oriented policies, let’s make sure that includes a strong paid vacation program for every family. American, it’s guaranteed, accessible, and encouraged without stigma or penalty.

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