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The rights fighter of the Colombian LGBTIQ+ community, transgender activist Diana Navarro, died this Monday morning, according to information made public by members of the community.


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Navarro, who was the first transgender person to be part of the leadership of a political party, has worked as a columnist in different media and communication portals.

According to a local Colombian media obituary for which the activist wrote as a columnist, Navarro was “a lawyer at the University of Antioquia, she was the first of her sex to graduate from university.”

Diana Navarro, whose birth name was William Enrique Navarro, was elected in 2006 to be one of eight people in the national leadership of the Polo Democrático (left).

In fact, President Gustavo Petro, expressed his regret for the disappearance of the activist. “Diana, who was part of the first national leadership of the Polo Democrático and helped Bogotá Humana’s efforts in the fight for equality, has passed away. May she rest in peace”, as posted on Twitter.

Petro’s condolences were joined by Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez, who said she was deeply saddened by the passing of Navarro, “a wonderful leader of the trans community, a builder of LGBTI public policy in Bogota and the national policy of inclusion and equality”.

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