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Some readers may recall that a few weeks ago I told you about Canada’s new Conservative opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre. As is the custom in the Great White North (that moniker will have to go if modern-day Puritans have any say in it), he was chosen by the party members, not the other MPs in the room. holidays. And he gave every indication of being a true conservative, including promising to drastically cut the budget of the national broadcaster CBC, fire the governor of the Bank of Canada (our reserve bank) and fight hard against the ‘awakening. and cancel the culture.

Remember, it was the backbench MP who chose to march with the road protesters. Basically, think back to how every time former Prime Minister Morrison & co. took the spineless, invertebrate, Labor-lite fork on the road. In contrast, when two roads diverge in the political forest, Poilievre continues to promise to take the brave, conservative path.

Know what ? The first polls have come out since he took office and he and the Conservatives have taken a seven-point lead over Justin Trudeau and his left-wing Liberal party. (Note to readers: I used to point out how the Liberal Party in Canada was the main centre-left political party while in Australia it was the main centre-right choice. But why bother doing this? distinction these days with all the state liberal parties being woke, dismal, blown away and to the left of Paul Keating while Peter Dutton is somewhere in witness protection?)

Fire all those political advisers who advise caution, basic awkwardness and deceit rather than bravery. They gave us Scott Morrison, in my opinion one of the worst prime ministers in Australian history. Voters want principled and convinced politicians. In Canada, Pierre Poilievre has so far delivered just that and the polls are as good as any conservative can hope for in Canada. Trudeau and Radio-Canada (but I repeat myself) seem to panic. Expect to see brutal ad hominem attacks on the new Conservative leader. Also expect Trudeau and the smaller, even more left-leaning party that backs his minority government to delay the next election, slated for just over two years, as long as possible.

Then there is this other politician with the last name “P”. Dominic Perrottet, Premier of New South Wales. Many times a friend or other has said to me “but he’s actually very conservative, he just doesn’t have the numbers in the party room to stand up to Matt Green” (not a typo! ). And I think that’s presented as some sort of exculpatory claim or explanation. But that’s really not any kind of excuse, is it? Imagine having to choose between two politicians. We have no principles, no values ​​and an unbreakable dependence on focus group guidance. The other values ​​small government, free speech, clean energy and social policies, most things conservative and has an aversion to wokery but refuses to do anything about those beliefs. He prefers to stay in power, even if it means abandoning the very conservative positions he himself holds. My question is why is the latter type of character considered more admirable than the former. Personally, I think I prefer the rogue opportunist who blows with the winds to the pusillanimous coward. And isn’t that what Dominic Perrottet gives all the impression of being? A coward. Otherwise, why is he playing the lapdog of Matt Kean and the hard-green wing of the NSW Liberal Party? Is it the ambition of rank and the love of being prime minister? Is it the limousine with driver? Do we believe that things would be even worse if he were not Prime Minister? Dom, how much worse could things get under a Kean team? And anyway, you lend these relentless leftists a thin veneer of conservative respectability.

Look, the Libs look like they’ll be slaughtered in New South Wales next year. They oversee a program that the awakened wing of the Labor Party would be proud of. Crazy with energy. Harsh feminist laws on criminal consent that no one who believes in the presumption of innocence would come close to. The world’s fastest falling school standards (how is that even possible?) while buying into any pass and almost every pass awakened idiocy. Okay, Perrottet is better than his predecessor (does the man state his pronouns, I wonder?). But then what? If you stand up for what you believe in and the Matt Kean wing of the Liberal Party shuts you out, so be it. You go there with your head held high and some sort of principled legacy. Right now, Dominic’s legacy seems to be somewhere between laughable and pathetic – you choose. Last weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference, various Conservative politicians were shown giving short messages of support. When Perrottet arrived, the audience of a thousand spectators booed. They booed you Dom. As I said, cowards of rank are more hated than worthless weather vanes.

Speaking of CPAC, Mark Latham noted that the various small center-right parties must put aside differences in personality and peripheral politics and form a new, united political entity. He is right. (And I repeat, in no world would I have imagined in 2005, when I arrived here, that in 2022 the Australian politician with whom I would have the most in common would be Mark Latham. But it’s true !) Come on Lib-Dems, One Nation, United Australia party. Collect your actions, both metaphorically and literally. As a new combined party, you have every chance of being at least as high as the far-left Greens. In a few elections, you would have the same hold on the Senate as the Greens do right now. You might start winning the odd seat of the House of Representatives. At the very least, you could sway a liberal party that has been proving virtually worthless of late. Let’s do it. Let’s see a new merged political party that is actually aiming at something other than Labour.

And contains politicians who aim for something other than the chauffeured limousine.

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