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Artist and activist Ai Weiwei cautioned against viewing COP26 as the answer to global climate problems, insisting that “we cannot depend on one meeting.”

It is the “responsibility to be human” that we all take care of the planet, he told Sky News.

Speaking of the climate conference, which begins in Glasgow on Sunday, the main Chinese dissident said it “is probably too late and very likely nothing will change … we cannot count on just one meeting.”

As well known for his political activism as he is for his art, Weiwei rose to prominence by designing the Bird’s Nest Stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

His life in China became increasingly difficult after denouncing the Chinese government and leaving his home country in 2015.

However, the artist defends that China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed all developed nations, claiming that China’s 1.4 billion people per capita produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. than the United States.

“I think what we need to understand is what China has done, every nation has done before… so using a standard to measure certain areas is very colonial and very discriminating,” he said.

Regardless of the agreements made at COP26, Ai Weiwei believes that China is capable of change.

“China is aware of the challenge ahead … on the basis of a sectarian state, once it has defined a clear policy, it can follow through on its decisions, and if it really wants to, it can do anything. do to carry out his plan. “

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The artist was speaking as his latest work, a digital project from the year of his birth until now, is on display to the public at Piccadilly Circus in London as part of the Circa art movement.

He also joins leading creators – including Hans Ulrich Obrist, Indy Johar, Katharine Hamnett and Sir David Adjaye – in giving his opinion on the art platform’s first print publication, a manifesto titled ‘Where Are We Going from now on ? “

In it, he replies, “Do we ever go anywhere?” I think we are not going anywhere, we are staying. And the question is, can we really stay here?

The artist says we all need to take a stand on climate change.

“Deforestation and pollution are all human-made. We always point the finger at others but, in that sense, everyone is involved. Everyone has contributed to the damage to the planet.

“If you don’t take action or if you’re not aware of what’s wrong I think it’s so tragic… I think it’s a human responsibility to take care of all conditions human. “

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