Connecting the dots between the rise of the Nazi Party and the rise of MAGA.

Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, 2017.

The commentator lowkell had a great piece for the “Blue Virginia” site. Entitled “Looking at “how similar the Rise of Hitler and the Rise of MAGA smell”. “Conclusion: They do. This thread lists 10 ways.”,…I know this topic has been covered before on this site, but lowkell Really breaks down ten specific parallels between the Nazi Party and the MAGA movement. These similarities include:

1. Both used the big lie about betrayal. For the Nazis, it was the “stab in the back” of Jews and socialists that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in World War I. For MAGA, it was the lie that the 2020 elections were stolen.

2. The Nazis wanted to safeguard the “purity” of Aryan culture while MAGA believed in the “great replacement” of white Americans with minorities and foreigners.

3. The Nazis and MAGA sought to exploit the chaos of economic insecurity to reap political gains.

4. The super rich bankroll at a time. In the case of the Nazis, it was Farben, Thyssen and Krup. In the case of MAGA, these are the Mercers, DeVos and Thiels.

5. The Nazis and the MAGA movement were/are underestimated as a threat to democracy.

6. Both movements have a personality cult.

7. Both movements use organized religion to legitimize themselves.

8. Both movements view books as the enemy.

9. Both movements view independent media as enemies.

10. Both movements required/require educators to “bend the knee” to their right-wing views. The movements of DeSantis in Florida against textbooks that objectively examine American history, warts and all, come to mind.

In light of these parallels, Biden’s speech would have been more accurate had he removed the word “semi” from the phrase “semi-fascist.”

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