Company brief: November 2021

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Annual meeting summaries due November 30


The main reason people attend the ASBMB Annual Meeting is to showcase their work, so the company is doing everything possible to make this possible for as many people as possible.

  • Share your results on your own terms: When submitting an abstract, you can tell us if you want to give a lecture or a poster-only presentation.
  • Eliminate barriers: ASBMB members save almost 50% on registration. In addition, the company gives more than $ 270,000 in travel grants.

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Public affairs update

In August, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy published a blog about its intention to develop implementation guidelines for federal agencies on research security and researcher accountability policies. The ASBMB has submitted policy recommendations urging harmonization of conflict of interest and conflict of engagement policies, transparency on research integrity violations, and ensuring that investigations of violations of research does not fuel racial profiling of any group. Read the letter here.

JLR Virtual Number: Focus on China


Scientific researchers in China have helped define and direct many areas of research in recent years, and lipid science is no exception. In August, co-editors Nicholas Davidson and Kerry-Anne Rye collected a snapshot of Journal of Lipid Research articles by Chinese authors in this virtual issue.

See the collection.

Browse all the previous virtual issues and thematic magazines.

JBC 100+ years


For over 100 years, the Journal of Biological Chemistry has brought significant and enduring scientific research and discovery to the field through articles that provide important new mechanical knowledge and / or new methodologies that span the spectrum of biological chemistry .

We are excited to share a collection of important research published in JBC over the past century and beyond. See the collection.


Proteomics and disease based on mass spectrometry

In the first installment of the ASBMB Publications Technique Talks webinar series, our speakers looked at different approaches to mass spectrometry with a focus on proteomics and disease.

  • Benjamin Garcia from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis discussed the development of novel mass spectrometry-based approaches for proteomics and understanding post-translational histone modifications in disease.
  • Matthias mann of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry looked at several applications of mass spectrometry methods when studying signal transduction, biomarkers, metabolic diseases and other applications.
  • Michael snyder from Stanford University School of Medicine explained how his lab was the first to perform large-scale functional genomics and has since developed numerous proteomics techniques involving mass spectrometry.

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Applications and renewals for student sections due by November 30


Join a national community of undergraduate students and faculty members promoting BMB research, education and outreach. Chapter students are eligible for a number of benefits, including travel grants to support attendance at the ASBMB annual meeting, summer research funding, and selection for the Honor Society. of the ASBMB, ΧΩΛ. Sections can also apply for funding to organize regional meetings or support outreach initiatives. Renewals and applications for new chapters are expected on November 30 to be eligible for student chapters travel grants to attend the 2022 ASBMB annual meeting. Learn more about this and the other benefits of the Student Chapter.

Updates on diversity, equity and inclusion


The ASBMB is part of the inaugural cohort of the ACCESS + initiative funded by the National Science Foundation. (ACCESS + is the abbreviation for Amplifying the Alliance to Catalyze Change for Equity in STEM Success.) The company will collaborate with experts from professional scientific societies and other organizations recognized for their national leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion of STEM to strategically assess the current state of DCI in society. Representatives of the ASBMB, along with other scientific societies, attended an ACCESS + event in September where the results of an environmental equity analysis tool were discussed, DCI strategies were shared , immediate action steps were created and a community of practice was launched. Learn more about the ACCESS + vision.

New Marketing Manager


The ASBMB marketing department welcomed Sarah Ornstein to the team in early October. Ornstein has extensive experience in digital marketing and scientific associations. She previously worked at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. You can reach her at [email protected]

Data Integrity Leader Leaves


Chad McCormick, ASBMB’s Data Integrity Officer, has taken on a new role with the federal government. McCormick will be a researcher for the Office of Research Integrity of the US Department of Health and Human Services. We wish him good luck in his new role.

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