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There are right-wing Republicans who still think Donald Trump sits at the right hand of God.

Some apparently believe he IS God.

They hold this man in reverence even after nationally televised congressional hearings provided evidence that Trump, then President of the United States, was perfectly willing to allow a non-American mob to lynch his supposed friend, Mike. Pence, because the incumbent vice president wouldn’t. violate the law of the country.

This after local and state officials testified that Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, pressured them by jailing them if they didn’t pull thousands more votes out of nowhere to ensure the Republican nominee – and the current president – would be re-elected.

This after Trump, despite repeated pleas from his aides, hesitated to call in the insurgent army that was attacking the Capitol and threatening to kill Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This after Trump learned he had lost the 2020 election but was determined to stay in power despite the will of the people.

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After all of this, and more, there are Americans who see Donald Trump as a hero rather than the tyrant he is.

Many right-wing Republicans say all of the testimony that has come out in the past two weeks is a lie. Most of those making this claim have not watched any part of the hearings, arguing, as their fearless leader has repeatedly done, that it is all fake news. After all, it’s easier to sustain the lie when you refuse to hear the truth.

These are not vindictive democrats testifying. Instead, nearly all are lifelong Republicans. Many are members of the former president’s own staff. With the exception of Giuliani and attorney John Eastman, nearly everyone in the Trump administration told him, in essence, that there was no voter fraud, that he had lost the election.

The president, either out of ego or mental illness, refused to believe those close to him. Reportedly, he kept crying ‘fraud’ and pulling numbers out of thin air – the number of dead people who voted in Georgia, the number of fraudulent votes in Arizona.

He stood idly by and did nothing while his arrogant supporters threatened state officials who would not break the law and claim fraud where there was none. In taped conversations, he pressured state officials to do his bidding, telling them they would be considered heroes if they broke the law and criminals if they weren’t doing it.

All this is not speculation. All of this is real. The phone calls were recorded at the White House. The threats were investigated by local, state and federal law enforcement officials. From Election Day to January 6, America was besieged by the country’s own president and his dogmatic supporters.

This is not a slam to the Republican Party because, as I said, most of those who have testified have been Republicans. However, these are the men and women who put the interests of the country above the will of the party, and for that they are to be commended.

Wherever the January 6 hearings take us, be it a criminal indictment against Trump or other sanctions, the issue is not resolved. Reportedly, some of those convicted in the Capitol insurrection have already vowed to do the same in 2024 if Trump or a candidate of his choice is not elected.

This is serious, especially since the results of each of the last two presidential elections have incited violence. If you remember, there was fire, looting and robbery in the days after Hillary Clinton was defeated in 2016. America seems to be heading down the dangerous path of a third world country where violence determines its rulers.

Donald Trump is no hero. He is, as the evidence shows, an egomaniac who was more concerned with staying in power than obeying the law. Still, there are those who would like to declare him a saint, and weak Republican candidates who won’t condemn him for fear of losing their elective offices.

Coincidentally, the Watergate hearings were televised last week (it’s the 50th anniversary of the burglaries) and the similarity between Richard Nixon’s actions and Donald Trump’s is strikingly similar. Both men were determined to stay in power at all costs.

The difference was that Nixon was surrounded by lawless staffers. Members of the Trump administration stood up and did the right thing.

Nixon should have been prosecuted but was pardoned by Gerald Ford.

I doubt there is anyone in power who will forgive Donald Trump if he is charged and convicted.

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