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Recently, the Island Reporter posted a guest comment (“Citizen responsibility in the face of the rise of political violence) deploring political violence, which the author associates with too many weapons and inflammatory language coming from one end of the political spectrum. To support this conclusion, the author has offered a number of examples of political violence, carefully selected to avoid acknowledging both the real reason for the increase in gun violence and the involvement of those on the political left. .

While he was also careful to avoid the progressive insult that Republican leaders are Nazis, he couldn’t help but suggest they are, suggesting that they tolerated behavior which, to him, resembles the 1938 Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) riot in which the Nazis’ Brown Shirts incited violence against (Jewish-owned) stores and businesses in German cities. You have to appreciate the irony, given that America’s closest to this phenomenon was the Democratic Party’s own indulgence of the 2020 riots in which the Antifa black shirts incited for weeks violence against stores and businesses. (mostly white) in American cities.

The author nevertheless insists that we reject the “Rhetoric of violence” and express our differences in mutual respect “rather than the language of war against an enemy who is an existential threat.” Then he concludes, forgetting the irony again, that we should join “The fight to save our democracy” from “forces” of real and threatened violence – which sounds dreadfully like war words against an enemy who presents an existential threat.

Besides political bias and hypocrisy, there are two other substantive points. First, all honest people deplore gun violence – nothing more than the law-abiding gun owners who enjoy hunting and shooting and who increasingly (thanks to progressive policies) feel the need to protect themselves. and protect their families. We all know these people are not the root cause of gun violence, although they drive up sales of firearms and ammunition for fear of escalating crime rates. These fears are well founded, as recent reports reveal that at least a dozen major cities have experienced unprecedented murder rates.

And this is not the product of right-wing rhetoric. No, murder and gun violence rates are almost exclusively an urban phenomenon driven by gang violence, drug use and related criminal behaviors like theft and robbery. If one wanted to politicize the problem, one could note that, without exception, these urban areas are controlled by progressives whose agenda includes “definancing” police, refusing to prosecute “property” crimes and empty the prisons of dangerous criminals. The resulting gun violence and murder rates are quite predictable.

Second, the political narrative promoted by progressives argues that the source of political violence can be traced to right-wing activists, especially Republicans linked to former President Trump. But there is a problem with this narrative because everyone, including the author, knows that political violence is hardly limited to those on the far right. What everyone may not know, although the author certainly knows, is that progressives in politics, the media and other sectors of society are engaged in a concerted effort to shape our awareness by ignoring, suppressing and rationalizing left-wing political violence while emphasizing, exaggerating, and even simulating right-wing violence. A look at some recent large-scale events, which escaped the author’s attention, is illustrative.

– Jussie Smollett’s Hate Crime Hoax: Because the offer of right-wing political violence could not meet the needs of progressives in Trump’s day, Smollett, like many before him, simply invented assault , this time perpetrated by MAGA-cap wearing fanatics shouting crude insults to confirm their motives. Despite the absurdity of “facts” surrounding the alleged attack, progressive politicians, pundits and celebrities immediately used the hoax to hype the tale of pervasive right-wing violence, now featuring a “Modern day lynching”. If you think these progressive people are being punished in light of the hoax collapse and Smollett’s recent conviction for lying, you are wrong. As in similar cases, they simply deflect all questions and move on, confident that their contribution to the narrative will endure.

– The Kyle Rittenhouse smear: A 17-year-old boy traveled to a town 20 minutes from his home, a town where he had worked as a lifeguard, lived his best friend, and he had visited his father often, his grandmother and other family. He traveled there to help clean up and deter some of the significant property damage resulting from the progressive-backed political protests that hit cities across the country in the summer of 2020. During his stay, he recovered and legally carried a gun for protection. the violence regularly inflicted by left-wing protesters on innocent civilians and the police. In retrospect, that was silly, mainly because leftist crowds learned not to expect deterrence or serious responsibility (private or official), so they probably weren’t deterred by Rittenhouse. In fact, he was seen as an obstacle to their “Peaceful demonstrations” which apparently required the massive destruction of property to be effective. When some white protesters attempted to attack and disarm him, unfortunate and predictable consequences followed. As his subsequent murder and firearms violation trial established, he acted legally and in self-defense, but you would hardly know from the backlash from the progressives, who continued to push the false story they orchestrated before his trial and his acquittal of all charges. . In their view, Rittenhouse was still a white supremacist vigilante who was looking for trouble and embarked on an unprovoked shootout. Some even continued to insist that the slain men were black, that there was no justification for shooting at the (white) assailants, and that the weapon involved was illegally transported across state borders.

– The “SUV” that killed six people and injured dozens more: When, in an obvious case of political violence, a man with distinctly left-wing views drove his SUV into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., the Progressive media have rushed to obscure the facts in a ludicrous attempt to avoid the reality of leftist political violence. Their reporting attempted to obscure the responsible human actor with his well-documented criminal history and left-wing political beliefs, focusing instead on the behavior of the automobile! CNN said, “Waukesha will hold a minute of silence today, marking a week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade.” The Washington Post reported “The Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV”. MSNBC was puzzled that a “The red SUV inexplicably sped up on the parade route.” These are the same media that wasted no time in developing Rittenhouse’s false profile as a white supremacist vigilante who illegally crossed state borders with a gun to embark on a shootout, while subsequently ignoring the identity of the accused from Waukesha and his shocking criminal record. and leftist political views. Why the obscuration? Well, the facts just didn’t match the narrative (although there is some liberal logic in blaming both guns and SUVs for killing people).

And recent examples of leftist violence have precedents. In 2017, for example, we witnessed a mass shooting of a left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders supporter who targeted (with semi-automatic weapons) a Republican baseball practice and seriously injured Congressman Steve Scalise. .

In addition, we do not need to force, as progressives do, to find “Thinly veiled encouragement to collective violence” when the former president told his supporters to walk to the Capitol to “Stop the theft”. We have better and clearer examples of politicians promoting mob violence. Take vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s comments on the 2020 riots: “They won’t stop until election day in November and they won’t stop after election day in November. Everyone should take note of this, on both levels, that they aren’t going to give up – and they shouldn’t. And we shouldn’t. Imagine if Trump said that to his supporters. Of course, her apologists were quick to insist that she was referring to the “Mostly peaceful demonstrations” (you know, the ones that caused $ 2 billion in property damage, 19 lives lost and over 900 police officers). No such pardon has been granted to Trump even though he has explicitly told his supporters, “I know everyone here will be walking to Capitol Hill soon to make your voice heard in a peaceful and patriotic way.”

So, yes, we should welcome a plea for civic responsibility rejecting threats and acts of violence, but to avoid the perception that the appeal is actually a disguised attack on your political opponents, you might want to start with the truth – the whole truth – about the political violence in our country today.

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