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Who is in charge at Heterodox Academy?

Who runs Heterodox Academy? I ask because even though I have publicly discussed my displeasure with the organization, I was nonetheless taken aback by an article recently published on the Heterodox Academy website because it went way beyond this. that I would have already expected from the organization for its …

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Jonathan Chait on the debate on Israel and left-wing anti-Semitism

In a recent column for New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait examines how anti-Semitism, particularly on the left, intersects with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “The existence of anti-Semitism makes it easier for supporters of Israel to portray criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic,” he writes. “The existence of Israeli hawks using outsized accusations …

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Kinzinger accuses McCarthy ‘of not telling the truth’

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois takes aim at Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, accusing the parliamentary minority leader of not being honest with Americans. “I think Kevin failed to tell the truth,” Kinzinger said Sunday in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” KINZINGER TAKES UP …

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