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Home Moderate GOP Sherwood Boehlert Dies at 84

After serving in the military, he graduated from Utica College in 1961 and managed public relations for the Wyandotte Chemical Company. Drawn into politics as a supporter of relatively progressive New York Republicans like Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller and Senator Jacob K. Javits, he went to work for Rep. Alexander …

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What is the Narnia-inspired Caldron Pool and does it promote “Christian nationalism” in Australia? | Christianity

On a Narnia-inspired website, amid anti-vaccination, anti-mask and anti-abortion messages, there are two petitions named after Hebrew prophets. The website, Caldron Pool, has become a place of conservative Christian opposition to some of the measures taken by Australian governments in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has attracted contributions from …

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Ryan Crocker, my patience is exhausted | My opinion

Former US Ambassador Ryan Crocker concludes his interview with The New Mexican (“It’s a failure of American patience,” “September 10,” stating, “It’s September 10 again.” Such a fear campaign has no place in a serious discussion of American foreign policy. Crocker says, “We don’t engage in long-term conflict. … If …

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