Political Activism

Russia strengthens internet censorship powers

Russia’s most daring steps to censor the internet began in the most mundane way – with a series of emails and bureaucratic forms. The messages, sent by Russia’s powerful Internet regulator, asked for technical details – like traffic numbers, equipment specifications and connection speeds – from companies providing Internet and …

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Lavender Country, the world’s first openly gay country group, arrives in Austin: Patrick Haggerty on their groundbreaking album almost 50 years later – Qmmunity

In 1973, Patrick haggerty recorded and released his band Lavender Countrythe self-titled debut album by, which is considered the first overtly gay themed album in country music history. Patrick Haggerty from lavender country For 41 years, however, Lavender Country languished in obscurity when the group disbanded in 1976 and Haggerty …

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Gender equality lawyer Jean Ledwith King dies

Jean Ledwith King, an Ann Arbor lawyer who has championed gender equality for millions of women in education, employment, politics and sport, and helped lay the groundwork of Title IX, the federal anti-discrimination law, died on October 9. She was 97 years old. In 1970, King filed his most significant …

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