Political Activism

University of Florida bans professors from being expert witnesses against the state in voting rights case – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

(CNN) – The University of Florida has told three professors hired to testify as expert witnesses in a voting rights case against the state that they cannot participate. The University of Florida told professors “they are not authorized to serve as experts on behalf of plaintiffs in this case as …

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To ‘Barty’, with love

The preoccupations of the present often have a way of overriding the past. In some cases, however, the inspiring memory of iconic teachers like Rati Bartholomew (January 4, 1927 – September 23, 2021), who taught English literature at Indraprastha College in Delhi, stays with the students their entire lives. So …

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Why environmental activists should watch Fox News

When environmental activists, government officials and business leaders travel to Glasgow for COP26, many articles, videos and books will be circulating extolling the virtues of green. One piece of content that probably won’t turn around a lot is Blown away: the people against wind power, a documentary currently airing on …

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