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Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA, explains how America’s current political climate blames people for choosing to ignore the “mechanics of Christianity.”

Kirk said in an interview with Tucker carlson on Fox Nation Monday as US politics increasingly focus on distinct groups.

He said when he visited college campuses he tried to dissuade students from participating in the now standard academic discussion of “the oppressor versus the oppressed,” which he also described as “boring” and “unconstructive. “.

Fox News Quoted him as saying, “It creates deeply disgruntled activists, which is exactly what our universities are creating. So conservatives play into this kind of oppressed thing by not being able to face the guilt that they feel because they went to these universities. “

According to Kirk, while citing several modern “guilt” such as “white guilt, wealth guilt, and corporate guilt,” finding “meaning” in politics is difficult compared to other areas of life. such as faith.

Carlson commented that he had supplanted theology, which Kirk agreed to.

“So a meaningless society will find meaning – and we have found it by atoning for our own guilt.”

Religion is scratched

Kirk observes that the influence of organized religion has been steadily diminished in American culture, using Christianity as an example of this transition. He also emphasized the role of Christianity in dealing with guilt.

“A true Christian, after participating in either a religious service or a thorough reading of the scriptures, you are freed from this guilt,” he explained. “Whatever guilt it may be – for wronging your neighbor, or for being of a certain skin tone that society says you shouldn’t be, because you’re going straight to the source, your Creator. “

“So it’s the mechanics of Christianity that have worked so well over the past two millennia that you don’t owe society any penance because of the melanin content in your skin,” he said.

This process, according to Kirk, involves attending worship and evangelizing with other people, but for sects like Roman Catholicism, their practice is strongly centered on the Eucharist.

For Kirk, this means that he and countless others who always put their faith first are frequently freed from the guilt that drives much of modern politics. In fact, the concept of reconciliation accomplishes more than most political activists want their campaigns to produce.

“And then, of course, make atonement with your neighbor — go to your neighbor and say, ‘You know what, I wronged you. Will you forgive me?’ — All of a sudden, you are freed from anything you could have done, ”he added.

Turning his attention to left-wing Democrats, Kirk said they, on the other hand, “are shirking their guilt through massive public policy measures, activism, wealth confiscation and the elimination of property. private “.

Meanwhile, in California, a preacher is constantly sounding the alarm that ministers who have “refused to clarify their political positions” are ignoring threats to their congregations, such as shutting down corporate-owned businesses. Christians, the loss of their jobs or their children being reprimanded by their respective schools.

He argues that Christians should not be forced to “shut up or suffer because they are not properly trained to fend off left-wing bullies.”

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Bernice King: Racial justice activism must focus on strategy | Alabama News http://movsoc.org/bernice-king-racial-justice-activism-must-focus-on-strategy-alabama-news/ http://movsoc.org/bernice-king-racial-justice-activism-must-focus-on-strategy-alabama-news/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:04:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/bernice-king-racial-justice-activism-must-focus-on-strategy-alabama-news/

By MICHAEL WARREN, Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – The youngest daughter of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said she feared American society would collapse, telling Christian radio on Thursday that “I don’t know what will ultimately happen to the democracy”.

But Dr Bernice King also said she was determined to be part of the solution, working to transform minds and help unite a divided nation.

“There are a number of bridge builders, I am one of them, and we are determined to ensure that we do not lose our humanity,” King said.

Bernice King joined former United Nations Ambassador, Congressman and Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young and several other panelists in a webinar hosted by the Alliance for Christian Media on the legacy of civil rights and mentor of many other personalities of the movement. . Vivian died last July at the age of 95, hours before Representative John Lewis died at age 80.

Political cartoons

Bernice King’s father had called Vivian “the greatest preacher who ever lived,” a fierce and influential advocate for social justice. Panelists also described Vivian’s optimism and humility, and her desire to see the best in others, even though it was a racist Alabama sheriff who barred black people from registering to vote.

But when asked what advice Vivian would have given the Black Lives Matter protesters today, Bernice King was blunt: “Respect the power of strategy.”

“We keep strategizing, organizing, mobilizing and strategizing,” she said. King and Vivian knew that “the power of non-violence is the most powerful weapon that any oppressed people can use,” but they also realized that people had to see success to believe in it.

“Dad understood that people were really tired and angry with what was going on, but we weren’t getting any wins,” she said. “He brought to this movement a strategy of nonviolence that brought people to victory,” first with the boycott that ended segregation on buses in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, and then to d other carefully planned acts of civil disobedience in the South.

“What we need now are victories,” she said, highlighting the conviction of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. “It was a little piece. We need more victories.

Young, 89, also shared his fears, saying: “I’m probably more worried right now than I’ve ever been in my life.”

“I have never had so much anxiety about Congress, the presidency or the Supreme Court. Even during the movement, we thought we could trust John Kennedy. We knew Lyndon Johnson was a Southerner who understood the breed, ”Young said. “There has always been a very realistic approach to social change, and we have always been optimistic.”

Now, Young said, he prays that American democracy will overcome its challenges.

“I think we are all deeply concerned; I myself am very troubled, but not hopeless, “Bernice King added.” It’s part of the process of change and transformation, this friction is always going to happen. But there is always a critical mass that eventually emerges. “

“There is a God in this universe – that’s what brought the movement together – and it’s the same God that CT Vivian, John Lewis and everyone else believed in,” she said. “They believed that if we persist, if we have hope, if we do the necessary work,” we will be successful.

King also referred to his late mother in an attempt to lighten up the conversation, saying, “Coretta Scott King told me that the darkest hour was just before dawn. The only thing I would have liked to ask him is how dark is it going to have to be?

Other speakers included CT Vivian’s son, Al and Steve Fiffer, who wrote Vivian’s posthumously published memoir, “It’s in the Action.” CNN presenter Don Lemon moderated the panel.

Copyright 2021 The Associated press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Palestinian activist criticizes attempts to clean up forced displacement in Sheikh Jarrah http://movsoc.org/palestinian-activist-criticizes-attempts-to-clean-up-forced-displacement-in-sheikh-jarrah/ http://movsoc.org/palestinian-activist-criticizes-attempts-to-clean-up-forced-displacement-in-sheikh-jarrah/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 03:32:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/palestinian-activist-criticizes-attempts-to-clean-up-forced-displacement-in-sheikh-jarrah/

A Palestinian activist who Israeli forces recently arrested and then released said on Monday that the international community must cut short the propaganda and identify the continued eviction of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem for what it is. really.

Mohammed el-Kurd, who from childhood protested against the Israeli occupation with his twin sister, Muna el-Kurd, spoke to Mehdi Hasan from Peacock TV on, among other things, the 23-year-old siblings unwittingly becoming the global face of Palestinian resistance and thus targeted by Israeli forces.

Mohammed and Muna el-Kurd were both temporarily detained by Israeli military forces on Sunday for leading protests against settlers trying to forcibly evict dozens of Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. and the neighborhoods of Silwan of occupied East Jerusalem. Although the el-Kurds have spent most of their lives nonviolently documenting their struggles as Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, the brother and sister went viral separately last month for their activism.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of Palestinians working tirelessly on the ground – journalists in particular, and doctors and activists who do the same,” el-Kurd told Hasan. “We are very grateful for the reach, and we hope that our voices can amplify the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian liberation struggle, but I also want to highlight the hundreds of Palestinians who have been arrested over the past week, the dozens. who were arrested immediately after my release. It is not an anomaly. It doesn’t start or end with my sister and myself.

El-Kurd said the arrests are a “clear intimidation tactic” following what he called a “mass campaign of incarceration in the name of law and order” by Israeli forces to repress any resistance to “colonial violence through home evictions”. or house demolitions or bombings of innocent civilians.

The deportations are what helped spark the deadly 11-day attack on Gaza last month. But despite Israel’s agreement on a ceasefire with Gaza militant group Hamas, the Israeli government continued his campaign relocate Palestinian families to East Jerusalem. The campaign is part of a system of Israeli laws aimed at increasing the number of Jews and decreasing the number of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories a system which several human rights groups say meets the definition of apartheid.

Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Israeli security forces threw stun grenades on Sunday to disperse a crowd gathered for a press conference calling for the release of Muna el-Kurd and Mohammed el-Kurd, two prominent activists from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Israeli settlers have led decades-long efforts to evict families from the densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods of the so-called sacred basin just outside the walls of the Old City. Two Jewish religious associations bought the land now known as Sheikh Jarrah in the late 19th century, but never built on it.

During the 1948 war who followed the creation of Israel, Jordan took possession of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including Sheikh Jarrah. Because the war has resulted what is called the Nakba – when around 700,000 Palestinians fled or were evicted from their homes due to Israel’s independence – Jordan used the land now known as Sheikh Jarrah to settle Palestinian refugees and built houses there for 28 Palestinian families in 1956.

During the 1967 war, Israel captured and annexed East Jerusalem in a move that violated international law. The Israeli Knesset, or parliament, passed a law just three years later that allowed Jews who fled or were expelled from East Jerusalem in 1948 to reclaim their land – a right denied to Palestinians who fled or were expelled from Israel in the same war. This means that Israeli Jews can register as Sheikh Jarrah’s landowners, but Palestinian refugees living there cannot do the same for their pre-1948 property, resulting in forced evictions.

In February, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that residents of four houses in Sheikh Jarrah – six families and 27 people – could be forcibly evicted. The families have appealed in the case which is now before the Israeli Supreme Court, which has delayed a decision but has scheduled a hearing for July 20. Israel’s Attorney General on Monday said he would not intervene in the case, which, according to human rights and civil rights groups, does not represent a positive result for other Palestinian families who have been threatened with eviction.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Palestinians led by Sheikh Jarrah should settle the issue of their forced displacement in Israeli courts. But such an idea is “inconceivable”, according to Mohammed el-Kurd.

“It is inconceivable for us to seek justice from our attackers,” he said. “I think the international community must hold Israel accountable and end its impunity. “

The el-Kurd family lost half of their property to settlers in 2009 after the two Jewish associations sold Sheikh Jarrah to a group of settlers belonging to the American company Nahalat Shimon International. Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah reported suffer violence and intimidation new settlers. Now the el-Kurds risk being evicted from the other half of their property.

“It is very clear that the Israeli propaganda machine, be it the Attorney General or people funded by the Israeli government, have been really trying to present this as a ‘property dispute’, like a “real estate dispute”, to depoliticize the state-sanctioned active ethnic cleansing that is happening for us in Sheikh Jarrah, for the people in Silwan, for the people in Isawiya, for the people in Jaffa, for the people in Lifta, ”el-Kurd said on “The Mehdi Hasan Show. “

“But it’s not apolitical. What is happening is very political, because if it were not political, the Israeli occupation forces would not have assaulted and arrested journalists, removing medics from the scene. You wouldn’t want them to detain Palestinian activists like my sister and myself. You also wouldn’t want prominent right-wing Israeli politicians to set up their offices in Sheikh Jarrah. It is therefore clearly a legalized means of ethnic cleansing. This is also happening in Silwan, where people are not dispossessed by the settler organizations registered in the United States, they are dispossessed by the Israeli occupation municipality itself. Just because you can legalize an evil act doesn’t mean it is less evil.

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Art and activism on screen at the Roxbury International Film Festival http://movsoc.org/art-and-activism-on-screen-at-the-roxbury-international-film-festival/ http://movsoc.org/art-and-activism-on-screen-at-the-roxbury-international-film-festival/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:56:29 +0000 http://movsoc.org/art-and-activism-on-screen-at-the-roxbury-international-film-festival/

The Roxbury International Film Festival (RoxFilm) has grown in size and reach over the past two decades, but its primary mission of amplifying underrepresented voices remains true.

For 10 days, from June 17 to 26, the film festival will offer audiences a hybrid experience, with in-person and online screenings. The 65+ films include narrative feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films depicting the United States, Zimbabwe, Canada, New Zealand, Rwanda, United Kingdom, Guyana French and Brazil.

Director Yoruba Richen. Photo: Courtesy Roxbury International Film Festival

Director Yoruba Richen’s documentary, “How It’s To Be Free,” opens the festival Thursday, June 17 at 5:30 p.m. at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The film takes a look at the intersection of African American female artists, politics and entertainment.

Based on the book “How It Feels to Be Free: Black Women Entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement” by Ruth Feldstein, the film tells how six pioneering women – Lena Horne, Abbey Lincoln, Diahann Carroll, Nina Simone, Cicely Tyson and Pam Grier changed American culture through their movies, their fashion, their music and their politics.

Eager to speak their own personal truths, the performers have faced enormous challenges and setbacks in their careers, from sexism and being seen as communists to denial of opportunities because of their race and race. their skin color. Despite the difficulties, they continued to defend and fight for civil rights, equality and justice.

“They were all taking risks, as long as they didn’t necessarily take the safety route,” said Richen, speaking with the banner over the phone.

Cicely Tyson, from the documentary “How it feels to be free”.

Cicely Tyson, from the documentary “How it feels to be free”. Photo: Courtesy Roxbury International Film Festival

Richen, who directed the Peabody-nominated documentary, “The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show,” knew she had to tell the story of these pioneering women. When she read a review of Feldstein’s book a few years ago, she immediately contacted the author for the option. With “How it feels to be free”, explains the director, she wanted to show how these women were “at the forefront of cultural innovation, and also political in their representation and in their real politics as they did”.

An urban tale of coming of age

After Richen’s June 17 film “Memoirs of a Black Girl”, the coming-of-age drama directed by Thato Mwosa. It tells the story of Aisha Johnson, a student at the fictional Dudley High School, who seeks a coveted college scholarship. When she makes a quick decision at school at the behest of a teacher, Aisha unknowingly turns her life upside down and puts her future in danger.

“Memoirs of a Black Girl” is Mwosa’s first feature film, but it is not her first achievement. She has been directing a camera for over 15 years, starting with her first film, “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, which premiered at the Roxbury Film Festival in 2005 and won her the Emerging Filmmaker Award.

Mwosa’s interest in film began when she took a documentary filmmaking course at Emerson College. “I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do for my career,” she wrote in an email. “I was drawn to the power of cinema; how I could engage, educate and enlighten audiences through visual storytelling.

A love letter to her students, “Memories” grew out of Mwosa’s frustration with the lack of coming-of-age stories taking place in urban schools to show her students. With this film, she says, she wants to honor their stories and celebrate who they are. “Often, urban schools and urban students are portrayed negatively in movies. I intended to present a counter-narrative. I wanted to focus on the smart black and brown kids who excel despite the pressures and challenges of high school, ”she explains. “The protagonist, Aisha, is a composite of the many brilliant girls I have met during my teaching career. I wanted to say, ‘I see you. I hear you. I congratulate you and you are doing all the right things. Carry on.'”

Blacks in the Renaissance

In the entertaining and educational hour-long documentary, “A Fresh Guide to Florence with Fab 5 Freddy”, screened on Friday, June 18 at 7:30 p.m., the hip-hop legend and visual artist travels to Florence, Italy, in search of discoveries the hidden black figures of 15th and 16th century Italian Renaissance art.

Fab 5 Freddy in

Fab 5 Freddy in “A New Guide to Florence with Fab 5 Freddy”. Film Still: Courtesy Roxbury International Film Festival.

Fab 5 Freddy, born Fred Brathwaite, was at the forefront of rap music and hip-hop culture and was one of the people who started the street arts movement in New York City in the late 1970s. and in the early 1980s. Most recently, he featured in BAFTA Award-winning director and producer David Shulman’s documentary “Basquiat: Rage to Riches” about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and his rise in the world. art world.

The host and producer of “Yo! MTV Raps “was a good friend of Basquiat and he recreated a footage for the documentary (with Shulman in tow) about how he and Basquiat walked around the Metropolitan Museum of Art together every Wednesday, looked at art and talked about different types of paintings. He did it with so much flair and in a “unique Fab way,” says Shulman, that the director approached him with the idea of ​​taking him to Italy to watch the Renaissance with “new eyes”.

Fab 5 Freddy remembers telling Shulman, “That would be nice, but what I would like to do more is look at the fact that there are blacks in Renaissance paintings. There are very few studies on this fact, including one of the Medici, who invented modern patronage, which is also black, and which we have not talked about. And the rest is history.

Released by the BBC in 2019, the project exceeded Shulman’s expectations in several ways. “Fab really got down to it,” he says. “There was nothing that he would not go into the nuances of the difference between the beginning of the Renaissance and the end of the Renaissance, Michelangelo versus Giotto, what were the differences and what was unique… [and] do it in a totally accessible way.

Besides having fun on the production, Shulman said, “We were both in okay and passionate about really wanting to watch performances that would defy expectations, challenge stereotypes, and try to discover new things that are out there but are generally overlooked – and I think we did. “

The Roxbury International Film Festival runs from June 17 to 26 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with a few events organized virtually. A full list of events and screenings as well as tickets are available at www.roxfilmfest.com.

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Burger King targets Chick-fil-A’s menu, the policy: “Your craving for a chicken sandwich can do good!” http://movsoc.org/burger-king-targets-chick-fil-as-menu-the-policy-your-craving-for-a-chicken-sandwich-can-do-good/ http://movsoc.org/burger-king-targets-chick-fil-as-menu-the-policy-your-craving-for-a-chicken-sandwich-can-do-good/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 03:18:53 +0000 http://movsoc.org/burger-king-targets-chick-fil-as-menu-the-policy-your-craving-for-a-chicken-sandwich-can-do-good/

Burger King’s new chicken sandwich is like Chick-fil-A’s… only more gay.

The latest comer to the Chicken Fast Food Wars has his political activism, pledging to support America’s largest LGBT rights group with their Ch’King sandwich.

“6 / 3-6 / 30 with every Ch’King sold, BK will contribute 40 ₵ to the human rights campaign (maximum donation of $ 250,000),” the official Burger King Twitter account tweeted.

“The #ChKing says LGBTQ + rights! The channel boasted of rainbow flag emojis.

Apparently, every fast food chain has introduced a new chicken sandwich over the past couple of years in response to Chick-fil-A’s meteoric rise in popularity, with some almost imitating Chick-fil-A.

In another tweet, Burger King took an even less veiled shot at Chick-fil-A, whom gay activists have boycotted and denounced for years for his political actions.

“During #pride month (even on Sundays), your craving for a chicken sandwich can be good!” Burger King wrote.

Chick-fil-A is famous for its closure on Sundays, which is part of its tradition as a southern regional channel founded by evangelical Christians.

Although the restaurant itself had not made political donations in years, roughly coinciding with its nationwide push, it had frequently supported groups critical of gay rights.

CEO Dan Cathy has also personally donated to a number of groups the Liberals attack as homophobic.

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Wisconsin People’s Power Summit Comes to Maribel, Manitowoc County http://movsoc.org/wisconsin-peoples-power-summit-comes-to-maribel-manitowoc-county/ http://movsoc.org/wisconsin-peoples-power-summit-comes-to-maribel-manitowoc-county/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:02:29 +0000 http://movsoc.org/wisconsin-peoples-power-summit-comes-to-maribel-manitowoc-county/

MANITOWOC – Racism, low wages, food security – these will be the topics of discussion at the very first Wisconsin People’s Power Summit.

Hundreds of people are expected to flock to Maribel on Friday and Saturday for this exercise in unity. The event will feature a roster of speakers and artists from as far away as Virginia and New York City. Topics for discussion include the intersection of faith and social justice, community work and organization, and demonstrations of African drum rhythms.

“What we are looking forward to is for people to unite in a spirit of solidarity, to come together and break bread together, and for workers to listen to good music together, listen to a political program together and find out how we are leaving here to build a better world that we need, ”said Bryan Pfeifer, one of the summit organizers.

Pfeifer is a longtime activist and co-founder of the Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement. He grew up in Manitowoc County, traveled the country for a while and is now back in Wisconsin with his family.

Pfeifer said he wants the poor and working people of Wisconsin to have a voice, from voting in workplace power to community power, and he wants a world “where our lives and the lives of our children are not. threatened by the rich doing as they will. “

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Cleared Chicago Priest Holds First Mass Since Reinstatement | News from USA® http://movsoc.org/cleared-chicago-priest-holds-first-mass-since-reinstatement-news-from-usa/ http://movsoc.org/cleared-chicago-priest-holds-first-mass-since-reinstatement-news-from-usa/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 18:21:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/cleared-chicago-priest-holds-first-mass-since-reinstatement-news-from-usa/

By SOPHIA TAREEN, Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) – An activist Catholic priest cleared by an Archdiocese of Chicago investigation into allegations he sexually abused boys decades ago returned to his longtime church pulpit on Sunday for the first time times in five months.

“It’s good to be home,” Reverend Michael Pfleger has repeatedly told members of the St Sabina faith community, describing his absence during the investigation as a “painful nightmare.”

Pfleger, 72, was put on leave in January amid allegations by two brothers who said Pfleger sexually assaulted them as children from the 1970s. A third man also later alleged that Pfleger’s had assaulted once in 1979 when he was 18 years old. Last month, the archdiocese concluded that there was “insufficient reason to suspect” that Pfleger had abused children. A police investigation remains open.

Her first service at the largely black church in South-South Chicago was as fiery as ever, with live music, dancing, and invigorated worshipers who fiercely supported their priest. Pfleger, who is white, thanked worshipers for supporting him and vowed to resume his activism, especially against gun violence, with even more enthusiasm.

Political cartoons

“I’m going to fight harder, because I’m stronger, I’m better, and I’m wiser. … The last five months have been a roller coaster of pain, anger, depression and pain and not knowing what people think of you, ”he said, his voice cracking at times.

To support Pfleger, church members organized rallies, flooded the Archdiocese’s phone lines, threatened to withhold church dues, and launched a letter-writing campaign. On Sunday, some wore T-shirts with the priest’s photo and the message “Pfleger is back”. Among those in attendance was filmmaker Spike Lee, who is friends with Pfleger and whose 2015 film “Chi-raq” starred a Pfleger-inspired character played by John Cusack.

Pfleger is known for his anti-violence activism and for supporting neighborhood development in the largely underprivileged neighborhood surrounding the church. He has also been in the spotlight for clashing with religious leaders, having been suspended twice before this year, most notably in 2008 during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign when he mocked Obama’s main opponent. , Hillary Clinton.

Ordained in 1975 and posted to St. Sabina, Pfleger became pastor six years later and lived in the neighboring rectory until early this year, when he temporarily moved into an apartment during the investigation.

Police said their investigation remained “open and active,” but provided no details. Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx said police had not presented any information to his office to review or determine whether criminal charges were appropriate. Illinois does not have a statute of limitations for filing major sex crimes charges.

The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services completed its review in February, concluding that there was no credible evidence of child abuse or neglect. The agency, which does not investigate allegations of abuse by an adult victim, focused on whether the children were currently at risk.

During Sunday’s service, Pfleger spoke about street violence in Chicago. He also acknowledged the damage the abuse allegations have done to his reputation.

He did not discuss the allegations in detail, other than saying that the bogus accusations of “destroying his character” began with a “letter of extortion”. One of the brothers, who is in his sixties, admitted to asking Pfleger for a payment of $ 20,000 in December.

“I know my name will be damaged for the rest of my life,” Pfleger said as the worshipers hooted. “But most of it is by people who hated me anyway. There are people watching today who are not happy that I’m back. But take off your party hat and blow out the candles. I returned.”

Follow Sophia Tareen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophiatareen

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San Francisco has played a key role in the fight against AIDS, officials say | Health Info http://movsoc.org/san-francisco-has-played-a-key-role-in-the-fight-against-aids-officials-say-health-info/ http://movsoc.org/san-francisco-has-played-a-key-role-in-the-fight-against-aids-officials-say-health-info/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 00:20:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/san-francisco-has-played-a-key-role-in-the-fight-against-aids-officials-say-health-info/

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco has played a pivotal role in the fight against AIDS in America and around the world, leaders and activists said on Saturday at a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the first reported cases of the disease .

The Mayor of London Breed and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi spoke at the private ceremony at the National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles were the first major American cities affected by AIDS.

When the first AIDS cases were reported in 1981, “San Francisco was on our own,” Breed said, “but we did what San Franciscans do best – we came together. … The healthcare system developed to help people with HIV / AIDS was developed right here in San Francisco. The renowned research that continues to this day has been established right here in our great city.

Pelosi, who organized the first fundraiser for the now famous AIDS Quilt, said the city’s compassionate, persistent and scientific approach to the crisis has helped San Francisco and the nation.

Pelosi said AIDS activism has also served as a model for other campaigns, including the fight against breast cancer, for marriage equality and against the old “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy. not ”which prevented homosexuals from serving openly, the Chronicle reported.

Political cartoons

Joshua Gamson, a member of the National AIDS Memorial Grove board of directors, noted the coincidence of attending an AIDS memorial as the nation goes through the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s weird to come out of one pandemic and think about another,” Gamson said. “This is my first time in the grove since the pandemic, and I feel like I am stepping out of a cocoon and re-entering memories of the AIDS pandemic.”

The ceremony ended with a line of people formed to begin the hour-long ritual of reading the names of people who have died of AIDS.

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Black Lives Matter has become more powerful and more divided http://movsoc.org/black-lives-matter-has-become-more-powerful-and-more-divided/ http://movsoc.org/black-lives-matter-has-become-more-powerful-and-more-divided/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 23:30:33 +0000 http://movsoc.org/black-lives-matter-has-become-more-powerful-and-more-divided/

Younger activists who criticized him several years ago for not being popular enough have recently turned to him for advice as they grapple with the kind of scrutiny he has faced, he said. -he declares.

“I think the tension is going to allow us all to settle down and find more possible ways to work together,” he said. “I think sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’ll take us to a better place, I hope.”

For years, national leaders have warned that the Black Lives Matter movement could fracture if internal concerns were expressed publicly, said YahNé Ndgo, who recently stepped back as the main organizer with one of the separate chapters. , Black Lives Matter Philly. This prevented many chapters from speaking out, she said.

But when national leaders created a new organization, BLM Grassroots, last year to serve as an umbrella for all sections, concerned people had to speak out, Ms. Ndgo said. It sounded like another attempt by the national organization to evade responsibility, she said.

“If a group is not acting in the service of the movement,” she said, “then it must be dealt with.”

Amid questions from critics, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which received tax-exempt status as a nonprofit last year, in February released its most comprehensive accounts of its six years of history approximately. He reported receive $ 90 million in donations last year, the most he has ever collected in a year. The majority of funds were saved, according to the report, with $ 8.4 million spent on operational expenses and $ 21.7 million distributed to local aid organizations and chapters.

The report caught the attention of Mr Brown, who at times saw the foundation he created after his son was murdered struggling for resources, he said. In a video posted to social media, he stood alongside a local activist, who demanded that Black Lives Matter contribute $ 20 million to local organizers.

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Human rights group calls for abolition of restrictive NGO law in Libya http://movsoc.org/human-rights-group-calls-for-abolition-of-restrictive-ngo-law-in-libya/ http://movsoc.org/human-rights-group-calls-for-abolition-of-restrictive-ngo-law-in-libya/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 17:51:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/human-rights-group-calls-for-abolition-of-restrictive-ngo-law-in-libya/

CAIRO (AP) – A leading human rights group on Friday urged Libyan transitional authorities to revoke or change legislation that places drastic restrictions on civil society.

Human Rights Watch issued a statement condemning a 2019 decree that includes “cumbersome registration requirements and strict funding regulations” for non-governmental organizations in the North African country, which holds general elections in December.

A spokesperson for the Libyan government could not be reached immediately for comment.

“This decree unjustifiably restricts and muzzles civic organizations working in Libya and is particularly worrying given the need for a strong civil society ahead of the elections scheduled for December,” said Hanan Salah, Libya director at HRW, in the press release. “The Libyan authorities should urgently come up with regulations consistent with Libya’s obligation to protect freedom of association. “

The decree tasked a government agency known as the Civil Society Commission to authorize new organizations and monitor their funding and activities. It also allows the agency to revoke their licenses based on a vague set of violations.

Also on Friday, the Libyan Red Crescent reported the disappearance of one of its employees and urged authorities to investigate. Mansour Atte was last seen on Thursday evening outside his organization’s office in the coastal town of Ajdabiya, the relief agency said.

The Defender Center for Human Rights, a Libyan rights group, alleged that Atte was kidnapped for his political activism, but there has been no official confirmation of this.

Libyans still live in a labyrinth of oppressive laws dating back to the days of longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who was toppled and killed following a NATO-backed uprising in 2011. The legislation continues “d ‘instill fear and seriously hamper freedom of association’. HRW added. For example, Libyans can face the death penalty if convicted of forming “illegal” associations – a crime that the penal code does not define.

Oil-rich Libya has experienced years of conflict and chaos since the fall of Gaddafi. Until October, it was divided between a UN-backed government in Tripoli and rival authorities based in the east of the country, each backed by armed groups and foreign governments.

The UN negotiated a ceasefire that has since ended most of the violence, also stipulates that all foreign mercenaries must leave, which has yet to take place. As part of the UN-sponsored roadmap, an interim government was elected in February and tasked with leading the nation to general elections in December.

The newly elected government of national unity received the blessing of the United States and European countries, who expressed optimism that Libya could finally be on the path to stability and democracy.

The ceasefire agreement significantly reduced the number of civilian casualties, but the UN continued to document several human rights violations, including killings, enforced disappearances, sexual violence, arbitrary arrests, crimes hateful attacks and attacks against human rights activists and defenders in Libya.

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