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The New England Patriots won’t be going to the Super Bowl this year, but their owner is making sure healthcare workers across the region are among those watching the game in person.

Among the 76 health “superheroes” representing the six New England states are two employees from Baystate Health and one from Mercy Medical Center in Springfield.

“It’s a phenomenal honor, one of those unique dreams,” said Stephen Boyle Sr., a Baystate employee, who will be among the healthcare workers who will take part in the Super Bowl on Sunday as a guest of the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft.

“I first heard about it last Friday, but wanted to hear it again to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke or something,” Boyle said. “I was wondering, was I dreaming? “

Boyle and his Baystate colleague Sarah Haessler, as well as Cherie Rodriguez from Mercy Medical Center, will join the 73 other health workers – all of whom are vaccinated against COVID-19[female[feminine – on the all-expense-paid trip to Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Fla., Where the Kansas City Chiefs meet the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

The Patriots’ private plane will transport guests to the game, which will be played at Raymond James Stadium. The 66,000-seat stadium will reach about a third of its capacity to allow social distancing.

Boyle moved from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area three years ago. In 2018, he was elated when his favorite team, the Eagles, beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

“Am I a Patriots fan? I am now, ”Boyle said Wednesday. “Getting on the team bus and the team jet – it’s so cool, but being selected to represent all the great people in the health field is the most fantastic part and an honor.”

Stephen Boyle of Baystate Health will be treated to a trip to the Super Bowl, where vaccinated health care “superheroes” will be the private guests of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft’s move comes 10 months after sending the Patriots team plane to China to secure and retrieve the personal protective equipment that healthcare workers desperately need.

The trip has a dual mission: to recognize and thank a representative group of New England’s countless healthcare workers, and to celebrate and spread the important message of getting the vaccine.

Rodriguez is a respiratory therapist who has worked closely with COVID-19 patients, providing care and therapy. His selection is the result of a draw with the names of eligible colleagues across the regional health ministry.

“I felt guilty for winning and being selected. I wish all my cohorts could go. But I got a lot of positive feedback from them, ”said Rodriguez, who has worked at Mercy since 2009.“ When I first heard about this, my first reaction was that all the spots would probably be located in the Boston area. I am happy that we are recognized.

Rodriguez follows football closely and has said she loves both teams, but would lean towards rooting Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady to win a seventh Super Bowl.

“I’ve actually been a Dallas Cowboys fan for years,” she said. “I attended a Patriots playoff game years ago in the old stadium, and what I remember is sitting on those cold metal benches and ordering hot chocolate to stay at the hot.”

Healthcare workers will be accommodated on Saturday evening at Patriots Place. Rodriguez was scheduled to work Monday night, but she will be returning from Florida that morning, so a co-worker has agreed to change jobs with her.

According to Trinity Health of New England President Reginald Eadie, Rodriguez and Trinity’s other pick, Matthew Blouin of St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, “are exceptional clinicians whose unwavering dedication to their patients sets the standard. for safe, high-quality care, even during the most difficult times. They’re also great examples of the kind of coworker we’re lucky to have in Trinity. “

He added, “Often setting aside fears for their own health and safety, they have met these challenges with clinical excellence, adaptability, professionalism and grace. “

Baystate Medical Center Dr Sarah Haessler

Dr Sarah Haessler of Baystate Medical Center (photo submitted)

Haessler is a Baystate infectious disease epidemiologist and physician who has been tasked with ensuring Baystate Health is prepared for all possible communicable threats during the COVID-19 pandemic. In December 2019, after hearing about the first cases of a new infection in Wuhan, China, she strongly recommended that Baystate Health step up its pandemic planning.

She identified the first cases that entered the health system in early March. Thanks in large part to Haessler’s foresight and attention to detail, Baystate has been able to safely manage nearly 3,000 hospital patients suffering from COVID since the start of the pandemic.

She has been the primary content expert and field resource for several aspects of the pandemic.

Boyle is responsible for catering, clinical nutrition, environmental services, patient transportation and bed management for Baystate Health. For months, he worked seven days a week for months to create safe work areas and support Baystate Health’s 12,000 employees and thousands of patients every day.

His work is often referred to as “hospitality”. It is a technically accurate but misleading label.

“I like to call our work non-clinical support services. It’s an honor to represent those in the non-clinical field at this game, ”Boyle said.

“During the pandemic, we were able to interact with all of these different groups. I admire clinicians so much too – anyone who walks through that door to work is a hero, really. “

When the pandemic hit, Boyle implemented new environmental cleaning policies throughout the system, including regular cleaning of hard surfaces and break rooms. He created spaces for the Baystate care team to take breaks while maintaining distance, transformed the cafeteria, and adjusted food procurement to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Boyle also got disposable gowns early in the pandemic and addressed related staffing issues during off-peak hours and weekends.

Kraft noted that when the Patriots plane returned last April with masks from China, no one imagined the devastation the pandemic would cause, nor the heroic stories and achievements of frontline healthcare workers – and the creation of safe and effective vaccines.

“Ten months later, it’s an honor for us to celebrate these healthcare workers by giving them a well-deserved one-day break and the opportunity to enjoy the Super Bowl, a reality that is only made possible thanks to vaccines. We hope that by doing so, others will also be encouraged to get vaccinated as best they can, ”Kraft said.

“The heroes of health who risked their well-being to ensure ours. They really are superheroes for us, ”he said.

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MEPs say “no more” to last-minute panic evictions … https://movsoc.org/meps-say-no-more-to-last-minute-panic-evictions/ https://movsoc.org/meps-say-no-more-to-last-minute-panic-evictions/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:24 +0000 https://movsoc.org/meps-say-no-more-to-last-minute-panic-evictions/

An influential group of MPs want an end to repeated last minute extensions of the eviction ban and instead want financial support for tenants.

All-stakeholder committee of housing communities and local governments, led by Labor MP Clive Betts, says government must establish a system of financial support for tenants who have accumulated large rent arrears, and reveal it as soon as possible .

Helping tenants pay their arrears will be the easiest and most direct way to avoid evictions and help landlords collect income. The potential cost of £ 200 million to £ 300 million would avoid significant spending on helping the homeless, MEPs say.

The latest MPs report, released today, praises the government’s efforts to bring the homeless indoors during the first months of the pandemic and through the winter, but saves much of its criticism on the way the government has treated private tenants.

Clive Betts says: “The current rent arrears crisis in the private rental sector is of deep concern. The economic consequences of the pandemic could be long lasting and become even more serious.

“The ban on evictions has allowed people to stay in their homes for now, but the debt will continue to rise. Homeowners, many of whom only own one or two properties, will also struggle with a loss of income.

“The government will have to find a solution that is viable for tenants and fair for owners. The gravity of the situation means that it must be treated the same as other sectors of the economy and society that have a clear roadmap to come out of lockdown.

“Helping tenants pay their rent arrears would come at a cost, but ultimately prevent significant spending on helping homeless people down the road. “

MPs say the arrears problem has been “an impending cliff edge” during the duration of the pandemic, and say several options exist to show how financial assistance could be given to tenants.

These include the low interest loans adopted in Scotland and Wales and the modified discretionary housing payments.

“The critical element will be speed and the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government should come up with a proposal as soon as possible,” the committee said.

“Helping tenants pay their rent arrears is the easiest and most direct way to avoid evictions and help landlords earn income. The committee received an estimate that such a rent arrears relief program could potentially cost between £ 200 million and £ 300 million; However, given the number of potential evictions it could prevent, it would likely save a significant amount of money on homeless assistance.

The committee also calls for an improvement in the provision of housing for social rental properties, concluding: “The government must invest in a social housing construction program that provides 90,000 social rental housing units per year for the next decade.”

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What do the changes in abstention rates mean? https://movsoc.org/what-do-the-changes-in-abstention-rates-mean/ https://movsoc.org/what-do-the-changes-in-abstention-rates-mean/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:13 +0000 https://movsoc.org/what-do-the-changes-in-abstention-rates-mean/

The loans have escaped forbearance, according to the most recent Forbearance and call volume survey, which showed that the total number of loans currently on hold fell from 5.54% of service provider portfolio volume the previous week to 5.48% as of December 6.

A total of 2.7 million homeowners are on the forbearance plan, according to MBA’s estimate.

Meanwhile, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans‘ share of abstention has fallen off its mark, falling to 3.26%, an increase of 8 basis points. As for Ginnie Mae? Forborne loans plunged 21 basis points to 7.68%, while there was a 19 basis point increase to 8.89% in the forbearance share for portfolio loans and equity securities. private label. Among independent mortgage banking, there was a drop of 4 basis points from the previous week to 5.98%. The loan forbearance percentage for depository services declined 10 basis points from the previous week to 5.38%.

“The share of forbearance loans declined in the first week of December. However, more borrowers requested relief, with new forbearance requests reaching their highest level since the week ending August 2, and service call volume reaching its highest level since the week ending April 19, ”said Mike Fratantoni, senior vice president and chief economist of the MBA.“ Compared to the past two months, more and more of owners coming out of forbearance use a modification, a sign that they have not been able to fully get back on their feet, even if they are working again. “

Fratantoni added: “The latest economic data shows a slowdown, particularly an increase in layoffs and long-term unemployment. Coupled with the latest increase in COVID-19 cases, it’s not surprising to see more homeowners looking for a relief. “

By stages, 18.72% of the total forbearance loans are at the initial stage of the forbearance plan; 78.72% are subject to an extended abstention.

The abstention data may not be as intimidating as it seems at first glance. That is to say, according to an article by Bloomberg.com, which indicates that MBA data shows that as of September 6, up to 25% of all homeowners with forbearance plans continued to make their monthly mortgage payments. This means that of the 3.4 million households subject to forbearance at that time, about 820,000 had not missed any payments.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Fratantoni called this “one of the most surprising aspects of this whole episode.”

He added that he had seen this share drop over the months as borrowers came out of forbearance.

What does this indicate? Bloomberg Author Christopher Maloney (a market strategist and former portfolio manager) suggests that this is “strategic forbearance, with many owners taking the option, just in case.”

He broke it down: “Of Ginnie Mae’s borrowers in forbearance, 23.7% is current. For conventional borrowers, it’s 20.6%, and for those who sit on bank balance sheets, it’s 28.6%, ”Maloney pointed out. “This is important, because mortgages that continue to pay will not be redeemed by the services, and for mortgage investors, redemptions are just prepayments under another name. while much of the mortgage universe is trading at a premium. “

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KBRA assigns preliminary ratings to Sequoia Mortgage Trust 2021-1 (SEMT 2021-1) https://movsoc.org/kbra-assigns-preliminary-ratings-to-sequoia-mortgage-trust-2021-1-semt-2021-1/ https://movsoc.org/kbra-assigns-preliminary-ratings-to-sequoia-mortgage-trust-2021-1-semt-2021-1/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:59 +0000 https://movsoc.org/kbra-assigns-preliminary-ratings-to-sequoia-mortgage-trust-2021-1-semt-2021-1/

NEW YORK–() – Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) assigns preliminary ratings to fifty-four mortgage transfer certificate classes of Sequoia Mortgage Trust 2021-1 (SEMT 2021-1), a blue chip RMBS transaction. SEMT 2021-1 contains 100% non-QM (Safe Harbor) non-compliant mortgages, and no loans from this pool are in active forbearance as of February 8, 2021.

The SEMT 2021-1 mortgage pool consists of 613 first mortgage loans with a total principal balance of $ 527,399,804 as of the deadline. The underlying collateral consists entirely of fully amortizing fixed rate mortgages. The pool is characterized by substantial borrower’s equity in each mortgaged property as evidenced by the initial WA LTV of 67.9% and the initial WA CLTV of 68.1%. The initial weighted average credit score is 779, which is within the range for prime mortgages.

KBRA’s scoring approach incorporated a loan-level analysis of the mortgage pool through its US RMBS mortgage default and loss model, a review of the results of due diligence of third-party loan files, a modeling analysis cash flow of the transaction payment structure, reviews of the key transaction parties and an assessment of the legal structure and documentation of the transaction. This analysis is described in more detail in our US RMBS rating methodology.

Click on here to view the report. To access the assessments and relevant documents, click on here.

Related publications


Further information on key credit considerations, sensitivity analyzes that examine the factors that may affect these credit ratings and how they might lead to an upgrade or downgrade, and ESG factors (where they are a key factor in changing the credit rating or rating outlook) can be viewed in the full rating report mentioned above.

A description of all substantially significant sources that were used to prepare the credit rating and information about the method (s) (including significant models and sensitivity analyzes of relevant key rating assumptions, if any) used to determine the credit rating is available in the information disclosure form (s) located here.

Information on the meaning of each rating category can be located here.

Further information relating to this rating measure is available in the information disclosure form (s) referenced above. Additional information regarding KBRA policies, methodologies, rating scales and disclosures can be found at www.kbra.com.

About KBRA

Kroll Bond Rating Agency, LLC (KBRA) is a full-service credit rating agency registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as NRSRO. Kroll Bond Rating Agency Europe Limited is registered as a credit rating agency with the European Securities and Markets Authority. Kroll Bond Rating Agency UK Limited is registered as a credit rating agency with the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the temporary registration regime. In addition, KBRA is appointed as the designated rating agency by the Ontario Securities Commission for issuers of asset-backed securities to file a simplified prospectus or a shelf prospectus. KBRA is also recognized by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as a credit rating provider.

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A withdrawal from your 401k could impact your stimulus control https://movsoc.org/a-withdrawal-from-your-401k-could-impact-your-stimulus-control/ https://movsoc.org/a-withdrawal-from-your-401k-could-impact-your-stimulus-control/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:38 +0000 https://movsoc.org/a-withdrawal-from-your-401k-could-impact-your-stimulus-control/

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden enacted a $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief plan that includes $ 1,400 stimulus checks for many Americans. Congress gave final approval to the “US bailout” on Wednesday, before it was signed by the president on Thursday.

The House and Senate versions of the bill have agreed that individual filers who earn up to $ 75,000 per year will receive $ 1,400. Couples who jointly deposit up to $ 150,000 will receive $ 2,800. There will also be $ 1,400 added for each dependent in the household.

The White House said some people may start seeing those direct payments hit their accounts as early as this weekend. Now that the third stimulus check is on its way to Americans’ bank accounts, we’re answering your questions.

RELATED: Third Dunning Check: Updated Schedule for $ 1,400 Payments


Q: A viewer texted us and asked us: If she pulls out of her 401k plan and her income exceeds the maximum income threshold in 2020, does that make her ineligible for a stimulus check?

We went to the president and CEO of a Rockville-based wealth management company to get the answer.

A: Unfortunately, the answer would probably be yes. A withdrawal that would increase your income beyond these thresholds would make you ineligible.

“They count the adjusted gross income, which is $ 75,000 for an individual and $ 150,000 for a couple,” said Kendall Capital President and CEO Clark Kendall. “So if you make a withdrawal, it’s considered part of that adjusted gross income. So unfortunately that’s going to work against the individual.”

Q: In difficult financial times like the one we experienced during the pandemic, is it a bad idea to retire from your 401k?

A: “I think the worst case scenario is that you had to take money to pay rent or buy food in the last year – probably for a lot of people it could mean, at worst, having to work. one more year for that contribution, “Kendall said.” This crisis can be managed, I think we all need to keep it in perspective. “

Getting out of your 401k isn’t the end of the world, but Kendall says to look at other options first, like taking out a personal loan, a home equity line of credit, or even borrowing from friends or the home. family.

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Arkansas House of Representatives Weekly Column | Vanburen https://movsoc.org/arkansas-house-of-representatives-weekly-column-vanburen/ https://movsoc.org/arkansas-house-of-representatives-weekly-column-vanburen/#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:17 +0000 https://movsoc.org/arkansas-house-of-representatives-weekly-column-vanburen/

From workers who clean our roads to utility workers who do their best to keep homes warm, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our essential workers this week.

The General Assembly took an extended break due to the winter weather in our state. However, House members plan to be back on Capitol Hill on February 22.

In the coming days, the House is expected to vote on two tax relief bills that were put forward by the House Revenue and Taxation Committee on February 9.

SB236 would exempt unemployment benefits paid in 2020 and 2021 from state income tax.

In previous years, an average of 45,000 Arkansans have hit unemployment. Last year, due to the pandemic, more than 280,000 Arkansans received unemployment benefits. This represents about 18% of Arkansas taxpayers and $ 2.6 billion in payments. Taxes are not withheld from unemployment benefits.

The SB236 would ensure that these Arkansans would not have to pay taxes on the benefits they received this year and in 2020. The Ministry of Finance and Administration estimates that the bill will have an impact of 51 million dollars on current year income.

SB236 was passed by the Senate with unanimous support.

Another tax relief bill before the House next week is HB1361.

HB1361 would exempt COVID-19 relief loans for small businesses, such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), from state income tax.

Over 42,000 PPP loans totaling $ 3.3 billion were distributed to small businesses in Arkansas last year. These loans are currently exempt from federal income tax.

The unemployment rate in Arkansas is now 4.2%. Recent reports show our state’s general revenue to be $ 298.7 million, 8.4% more than the same time last year.

Net sales available are 12.3% higher than forecast. The results include collection increases related to the shift in the income tax due date to July from April of the previous year. These reports help guide our decision making when reviewing tax reduction proposals.

As a reminder, you can find agendas and links to live broadcasts of all House committee proceedings and sittings on www.arkansashouse.org.

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Idelic Raises $ 20 Million in Series B Funding to Transform Transportation Safety and Insurance https://movsoc.org/idelic-raises-20-million-in-series-b-funding-to-transform-transportation-safety-and-insurance/ https://movsoc.org/idelic-raises-20-million-in-series-b-funding-to-transform-transportation-safety-and-insurance/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:44 +0000 https://movsoc.org/idelic-raises-20-million-in-series-b-funding-to-transform-transportation-safety-and-insurance/

PITTSBURGH – () –Idélic, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based leader in commercial trucking analysis and driver management solutions, announced the completion of its Series B fundraiser, a $ 20 million fundraiser led by Highland Capital Partners with the participation of AXA Venture Partners. Other participants in the cycle included previous investors Birchmere Ventures, Origin Ventures, TDF Ventures and SaaS Venture Capital. Along with the financing, Craig Driscoll of Highland Capital Partners will join Idelic’s board of directors.

Idelic makes trucking safer and more efficient by preventing accidents, reducing driver turnover, reducing insurance costs and most importantly, saving lives. Their flagship product, Safety Suite®, is the transportation industry’s most comprehensive driver management platform, integrating data from multiple technology sources into a single recording system that improves workflows and provides analytics. unprecedented fleet. Safety Suite uses machine learning to turn fleet data into truly predictive information that enables fleets to effectively manage all of their safety operations and identify drivers at risk before an accident occurs.

Idelic was founded by co-founders Hayden Cardiff, Nick Bartel and Andrew Russell, all graduates of Carnegie Mellon University. “We created Safety Suite to enable fleets of all sizes to proactively unlock and use their data to make their drivers and our roads safer for everyone,” said Nick Bartel, Co-CEO of Idelic . “With insurance costs and driver turnover skyrocketing in recent years, our mission is to help fleets overcome these challenges and create a culture of safety that is not only appreciated by their drivers. , but also by their insurers. Increasing our Series B will allow us to reinvent the way the transport industry underwrites driver risk and values ​​the fleets they insure, ”added co-CEO Hayden Cardiff.

“Together, we can revolutionize the way truck fleets and their insurance companies think about the risks they face every day,” said Craig Driscoll, general partner at Highland Capital Partners. “This is a huge goal that has huge implications for the transportation industry and society in general. Their mission is exactly what we are looking for in companies, and I am delighted to join the team.”

With this funding, Idelic plans to strengthen its engineering and data science teams in order to continue to produce innovative and best-in-class features for Safety Suite and to create additional offerings with insurance partners. Sales and marketing operations will also expand to reach new fleet segments that will benefit from the full spectrum of driver management and operational analysis provided by Safety Suite.

About Idélic

Idelic helps transport fleets save time, money and lives. Idelic Safety Suite® is the transportation industry’s most comprehensive driver management platform, consolidating all fleet data systems into a single data management platform, giving fleets unparalleled visibility into operator behavior. their drivers and security operations. With an industry-leading driver watchlist that utilizes advanced and proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, Idelic Safety Suite helps fleets prevent accidents, lower turnover and lower insurance costs. .

About Highland Capital Partners

Founded in 1988, Highland Capital Partners is a global entrepreneur-focused venture capital firm. With offices in Menlo Park, Cambridge and Shanghai, Highland has raised more than $ 3 billion in committed capital and invested in more than 225 companies, resulting in category-defining companies in consumer and enterprise technology. Investments include Aereo, Ask Jeeves, Bromium, Gigamon, Leap Motion, Lululemon, LevelUp, Lycos, MapQuest, Nebula, Qihoo 360, Quattro Wireless, Rent the Runway, Starent Networks, Sybase, VistaPrint and WePay. For more information visit www.hcp.com.

About AXA Venture Partners

AXA Venture Partners (AVP) is a global venture capital firm that invests in high growth technology companies. AVP has built, in less than five years, a unique investment platform specializing in technology investments with $ 800 million in assets under management through three pillars of investment expertise: early stage, growth stage and fund. funds. To date, AVP has invested in over 45 companies and over 15 funds. The AVP team operates worldwide with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Beyond investments, AVP offers unique access to business development opportunities helping portfolio companies to expand globally and accelerate their growth. www.axavp.com

]]> https://movsoc.org/idelic-raises-20-million-in-series-b-funding-to-transform-transportation-safety-and-insurance/feed/ 0 Lumberton City Council Approves Dr Raymond B. Pennington Sports Complex Improvement Plans https://movsoc.org/lumberton-city-council-approves-dr-raymond-b-pennington-sports-complex-improvement-plans/ https://movsoc.org/lumberton-city-council-approves-dr-raymond-b-pennington-sports-complex-improvement-plans/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:39 +0000 https://movsoc.org/lumberton-city-council-approves-dr-raymond-b-pennington-sports-complex-improvement-plans/

Site plans for improvements to the Dr. Raymond B. Pennington Sports Complex in Lumberton were presented to City Council on Wednesday. Planned upgrades include a playground, dog park, expanded playground, additional soccer and softball fields, an 18-hole disc golf course and approximately 8 km of walking trails.

Courtesy Image | Town of Lumberton

LUMBERTON – Plans for various improvements to the Dr Raymond B. Pennington Sports Complex were approved by city council on Wednesday.

Council approved a new site plan for the complex, formerly known as Northeast Park, as part of the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant application process. Plans include a wading pool, dog park, expanded play area, concert pitch / group hull, new football and softball fields, 18-hole disc golf course, fitness stations, a skate park, facilities for field sports like tennis or basketball, and approximately 5 1/2 miles of walking trails.

The majority of the improvements would be located on land surrounding the existing park space that has been added to the park since the approval of its original site plan in 2005.

“It’s a great park site,” said Jeff Ashbaugh, senior project manager at Alfred Benesch & Company, who presented the new site map. “You’ve all done a great job putting the land together because you can do whatever you want on this site, there’s a lot of room to spread out.”

The 2005 sitemap is the most recent sitemap. A new plan is therefore required to be eligible for the grant. The specific ideas for improvements were based on feedback received at the public workshops, Ashbaugh said.

The plan has an approximate cost of $ 18,337,684, but the plan will be developed in eight phases. The PARTF grant will cover part of the costs of the first two phases, which include the addition of a playground, playground swings, dog park agility equipment, a 1 / 4 of a thousand and two multisport / football fields.

“I’m happy to see that the park will move forward and move forward with some additions,” said Councilor John Carroll. “I had several people in the community to contact me. I know we drew well for Little League baseball tournaments, and I think we could use it as a softball drawing card.

This opening phase of the project will cost approximately $ 1,433,495. Of this amount, the City will allocate $ 10,000 to help the Friends of Recreation build a dog park. The Lumberton Visitors’ Office will contribute $ 500,000 for soccer fields and washrooms, and the PARTF grant provides $ 400,000. The city would provide the remaining balance of $ 533,495, according to city manager Wayne Horne.

This is pending approval of the PARTF grant.

There is no guarantee that the grant will be approved as PARTF funds have been reduced in recent years and this is a very competitive grant process, said Horne. The Board will have to accept the grant if approved, and at that time make plans to cover the rest of the costs.

A motion to approve the site plan and an additional motion allowing municipal staff to submit the PARTF grant application were both approved unanimously. But concerns were still raised by some members of the Council.

Councilors John Cantey and Eric Chavis both asked what efforts were being made to improve parks in other areas of the city, namely Luther Britt Park in West Lumberton.

“I understand how we have to make the park bigger, attract more businesses, attract more income,” Cantey said. “But as a board member for 10, 12 years, I’m still going to say, of course, let’s do what we need to do for this park, but also do what we need to do for our existing parks around town. … I have great reservations about modernizing other parts of the city and not our part of the city. “

In other matters, council approved four projects for the city’s water and sewage system.

One of them authorized the city to apply for a revolving loan of $ 2.7 million for the state of North Carolina to rehabilitate the sewers on East Fifth Street and rebuild the Outer Banks lift stations, Freeman and Ramada Inn. The project also includes the installation of a new generator at the wastewater treatment plant, which the city’s public works manager Rob Armstrong said was the most expensive part of the project.

For this project, the city targeted lift stations that were flooded and out of service after Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, and those that have a lot of flow, Armstrong said.

Of the city’s 49 ski lift stations, the three chosen for this project were the oldest and most in need of rehabilitation, Horne said.

The city will fund the project at around $ 200,000 per year over 20 years, Horne said. The city has reduced its water and sewer debt by approximately $ 900,000 over the past two years, freeing the city to take on additional debt for new projects.

Council also approved the purchase of a replacement pump for the Harrill Road lift station, which Armstrong says is one of the largest and most critical in the system. A specific type of pump will need to be purchased from Xylem Water Solutions USA Inc. at a cost of $ 24,136.08, to be paid out of the water and sewer operating budget.

Obtaining a revolving loan from the state of $ 450,000 to pay for the disposal of sludge from the backwash lagoon and for repairs and modifications to the lagoon once it is emptied. was also approved by Council, as was the disposal of filter media at the city’s water treatment plant at a cost of $ 33,250, which will be used to use money from the water improvement fund and city ​​sewers.

In other cases, the Council:

– Scheduled a public hearing for its May meeting regarding an annexation request by the Lumberton Housing Authority for a property on Caton Road. A request to rezone the property so that the LHA can build a housing complex on it was approved at a previous Council meeting.

– Asked city staff to investigate a petition for a contiguous annexation request from Barbara Lynn Cagle Benton for a property on Arbor Lane.

– Approved a loan of $ 277,000 from BB&T for financing vehicles, equipment and repairs and a loan of $ 575,000 from First Bank for equipment, crane truck and repairs.

– Approved the allocation of $ 350 in community revitalization funds for Cruising Second Street; $ 750 for a lunch for the Robeson County Adolescent Community Emergency Response Team; $ 1,400 for the Youth Mentorship Program at the Center de transport en commun; $ 800 for the Randy Rust Memorial Golf Tournament at Robeson County Church and Community Center; $ 600 for the Shriners’ Sudan Pirates fundraiser; and $ 700 for the Robeson County Arts Council.

– Appointed Carroll to represent city council as a voting delegate at the North Carolina League of Municipalities CityVision conference, which is scheduled for later in April.

– Voted for the installation of four-way stop signage on Walnut and 19th streets.

– Property approved for lease on Lowery Street to owners of adjacent properties for $ 1. The property was one of the city’s buyout properties under the Risk Mitigation Grant program and is now vacant land. The motion also gave city staff the power to enter into similar leases for other similar properties, as the situation is likely to repeat itself as the city moves away from Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

Chris Stiles can be reached at 910-816-1977 or by email at [email protected]

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Acton Joins Four Cities on Small Business Repayable Loan Program https://movsoc.org/acton-joins-four-cities-on-small-business-repayable-loan-program/ https://movsoc.org/acton-joins-four-cities-on-small-business-repayable-loan-program/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:36 +0000 https://movsoc.org/acton-joins-four-cities-on-small-business-repayable-loan-program/

ACTON, MA – Acton and four other cities partner with The Resource, Inc. to provide forgivable loans to small businesses.

Acton Received $ 1.6 Million Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus Financing of a loan-grant program for micro-enterprises. The program offers businesses a one-time grant of up to $ 10,000 to help cover costs such as rent, personnel, and utilities. The grant is open to small businesses with five or fewer employees, which includes all owners and whose owner (s) meet the low to moderate household income criteria designated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in all five cities. .

The other four participating cities are Maynard, Boxborough, Littleton and Westford.

“We are grateful to be able to use this $ 1.6 million in CARES CDBG-CV funding to help micro-businesses in our five communities that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as two other programs targeting suppliers. services, which will be announced in early February, ”said Acton CEO Mangiaratti. “These businesses have been significantly affected by the pandemic over the past year, and this funding, which can be used for expenses not covered by other funding programs, will hopefully help our local businesses to get through this difficult period. “

Acton is the flagship city of the program. Funding comes from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

If businesses would like to see if they are eligible, visit www.trimicroeloans.org and choose the Acton Boxborough tab for the easy step-by-step pre-application questionnaire. Once submitted, you will receive an email with further instructions. Pre-applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

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Home Depot to pay $ 20.8 million fine for lead paint violations https://movsoc.org/home-depot-to-pay-20-8-million-fine-for-lead-paint-violations/ https://movsoc.org/home-depot-to-pay-20-8-million-fine-for-lead-paint-violations/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:35 +0000 https://movsoc.org/home-depot-to-pay-20-8-million-fine-for-lead-paint-violations/

Home Depot Inc. will pay a fine of $ 20.8 million for failing to ensure its contractors follow the lead paint rules. The civil sanction announced Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency is the heaviest of these sanctions to date under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Under the proposed regulation, The Home Depot must implement a program to ensure that the businesses and contractors it hires to perform home renovations are certified to use lead-free work practices.

The Atlanta-based company announced in 2017 that it was under investigation by the EPA’s Criminal Investigations Division for compliance with lead-free work practices. Home Depot then said it was cooperating with the EPA.

The EPA said that while investigating customer complaints about Home Depot renovations, it found the company had contracted out work to companies that did not use lead-free work practices. It also failed to perform the required post-renovation cleaning, issue EPA lead-based pain brochures to occupants, or keep records of compliance with the law, has declared the agency.

Residential lead-based paint was banned in 1978, but it is still present in many older homes. Exposure to lead dust and paint chips can cause health problems, including behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and even death.

The United States is joined by three states. Of the $ 20.75 million penalty, Utah will receive $ 750,000, Massachusetts $ 732,000 and Rhode Island $ 50,000.

The proposed settlement, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, is subject to a 30-day public comment period and final court approval.

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