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While she made no secret of her leftist views, Donations were nonetheless “shocked” that she had pledged to boycott Oriel.

“It’s extraordinary – there is no precedent for it,” Don said. “There is a very strict code among house managers in Oxford and Cambridge that you act collegially. This is a very basic principle.

“This means that it is not for one quorum to tell another quorum how to conduct its business.”

But the dismay of Professor Tunstall and the other senior professors who joined the boycott runs far deeper than the feeling that they betrayed their colleagues by speaking out.

“This boycott shows the ugly intolerance of its supporters, who simply will not live with any point of view other than their own and are ready to punish students for imposing their will,” said Nigel Biggar, regius professor of moral theology and pastoral care in Oxford.

“Having failed to convince, they now use force. Such authoritarianism has no place in a university that claims to be liberal ”.

Professor Biggar, who heads the Oxford McDonald’s Center for Theology, Ethics and Public Life, is currently leading a project on ‘Ethics and Empire’, which analyzes the impact of the Great Imperial past. -Brittany.

In 2017, academics launched a scathing attack on Professor Biggar after suggesting that people should be “proud” of aspects of their imperialist past.

“Someone who was properly liberal should accept a decision with which he does not agree. Otherwise all we have is the expression of deep feelings and civil war, ”he said.

Why Oxford is the epicenter of the crisis

For some, this episode shed light on what many in Oxford have known for some time: that the university is no longer the stronghold of the institution it once was.

“Oxford’s exterior image is deeply misleading,” Don said. “Although it has this reputation of being a center of tradition, it is really not in all respects that counts in the end.

“There are still ancient customs in some colleges – wearing dresses for formal dinners, for example. But it’s nothing more than exterior dressings.

“In terms of politics and political outlook, there is nothing traditional about Oxford anymore. With a few exceptions, Oxford’s guardians and fellows are politically on the left and in many cases very on the left.

He said this is part of a larger phenomenon, since academics tend to lean to the left. But this causes particular tension at a university like Oxford which is “likely to have ties to historical figures whom far-left academic staff despise.” He added: “This is the fundamental reason why Oxford in particular is the epicenter of this type of crisis.”

Culture changes from above

It is not just grassroots academics who display leftist tendencies. Some donations have noted that in the past decade almost all head of household positions have gone to “a Blairite, a former head of a quango, or someone from a left-wing media organization.” which means that the culture is also changing. from the top.

In recent years, former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, ex-BBC Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer and former Observer editor Will Hutton have all been appointed as heads of the college.

Next month David Isaac, the current chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and former chairman of the Stonewall charity, will replace Professor Tunstall as Worcester provost.

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Commission of January 6? | New York Amsterdam News: The New Dark Sight http://movsoc.org/commission-of-january-6-new-york-amsterdam-news-the-new-dark-sight/ http://movsoc.org/commission-of-january-6-new-york-amsterdam-news-the-new-dark-sight/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/commission-of-january-6-new-york-amsterdam-news-the-new-dark-sight/

Senate Republicans recently blocked the heavily Democrat-backed commission for the Jan.6 Capitol riots and for good reason. It is evident that this is nothing more than a feather in the Democrats’ political scheme to improve and increase their electoral chances in 2022 after a poor performance in the 2020 election. After underperforming their own expectations regarding the seats in the House and Senate, Democrats have once again refocused their attention on President Trump. A 52-page DCCC autopsy report highlights the Democratic Party’s failures in 2020 and describes the reasons Democrats lost so many seats. Much of the loss, according to the report, is in part due to overconfidence in the polls and underestimating the ability of Republicans to vote, especially those often referred to as “Trump voters,” because of their affinity. and their loyalty to the former president. These are voters who have recently entered politics because of their affinity for the former president.

Trump’s ability to energize Republican voters is unprecedented and Republican officials would do well to understand this and know that they will need those voters to win more seats in the House and preserve their status in the Senate. There are 14 Democrats vying for re-election in 2022 and 20 Republicans for the Senate. In order to maintain their current positions, Republicans must be smart enough to outsmart the increasingly strategic Democrats, especially if they want to win more House seats and potentially take back the US Senate. If Republicans can take back the Senate and increase their position in the House, they will be able to really prevent the far left Democratic Party, which appears to represent a growing percentage of the party, from imposing its socialist agenda on the American people. . Despite what the Left Margin and MSN would have you believe, most Americans actually don’t want more taxes or dangerous neighborhoods, but that’s exactly what the Democrats are proposing.

This is normal in politics, especially when the political actors involved do not have good intentions. They strategically and often successfully use various problems as a catalyst to attack their opponents in order to instigate an emotional surge of voters to their own advantage. If Democrats were truly concerned about the state and condition of this country, they would go across the aisle and work with Republicans in a bipartisan fashion. After all, politics is about compromise, and neither side has the right to do everything as it pleases; it’s just not how the Founding Fathers created this country, but for the Democrats, if you don’t agree with them or see it from their point of view, you will deceive, and it plays more in partisanship and tribalism than anything else.

According to their autopsy report, Democrats did not esteem Trump’s ardent voters, and they did not plan for this even if Trump did not win the presidential election; Republican voters who voted against Trump and for Biden have traditionally voted more for Republicans than Democrats, which in their defense is unusual. However, even for voters who disliked Trump; their contempt for him was not reflected in the ballot as they were clearly cautious against giving too much power and control to Democrats, especially since they advocated extreme policies such as fundraising. police and tax increases.

The Democrats have come up with a set of policies that, frankly, do not fit the majority of the American people, Republican or Democrat. Despite this evidence, Democrats continue to move to the left; which presents a better opportunity for Republicans to challenge Democrats and increase their standing with suburban voters, women concerned about the safety of their families, and business-conscious voters who fear higher taxes may be a problem. burden on their businesses.

Joe Biden ran on the idea that he would unite the country by bringing together Democrats and Republicans, he assured the American people that he and his Democratic Party, if he gave them power, would overcome partisan bickering and tribalism, but it is the exact opposite of what we have seen Democrats so far. Instead, Democrats have continued to focus on former President Donald Trump because that seems like the only way for them to believe they can stay in power, constantly reminding voters how bad they are. dislike Trump because they know that sticking to their agenda is not enough.

History is on the Republicans’ side, as the minority party generally sees gains when the party of the opposite party controls the White House. Republicans must stay focused on attacking Democrats’ fringe policies and pushing forward their plans to move the country forward. If Republicans aren’t seeing any gains, it’s because they became distracted and weren’t focused.

Armstrong Williams (@ARightSide) is the Owner and Manager of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast TV Stations and the 2016 Multicultural Media Broadcast Owner of the Year. He is the author of “Rewakening Virtues”.

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[Kim Seong-kon] We owe BTS and Korean companies http://movsoc.org/kim-seong-kon-we-owe-bts-and-korean-companies/ http://movsoc.org/kim-seong-kon-we-owe-bts-and-korean-companies/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:31:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/kim-seong-kon-we-owe-bts-and-korean-companies/

It seems that our left politicians today tend to think that companies exist only to exploit their workers. Perhaps that is why they so often discourage our businesses and give them so much trouble. Yet companies create jobs, often pay high wages, and give South Korea a good impression in the world. They even contribute to our diplomacy by investing in foreign countries.

At a recent post-Korea-U.S. Summit press conference, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed gratitude to executives at Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK for bringing a $ 25 billion investment to United States. He invited the leaders of these Korean companies to receive a standing ovation from the public.

President Biden said: “And I am especially happy that so many large South Korean companies are seeing the benefits of investing in the United States, including the announcement this morning of more than $ 25 billion in new investments from Samsung. , Hyundai, SK and LG. ”

He continued, “I understand that the leaders of these companies are here. Would you like to stand up? Thanks thanks thanks. And I think we’re going to do a great job together.

Then he concluded: “Thank you for investing in our future and yours.

Hearing President Biden’s speech, Koreans and Korean Americans were undoubtedly elated and proud. 68 years ago, South Korea was a devastated and poverty stricken country at the end of the Korean War. Today, however, the country has grown into a wealthy society with advanced technology and economic success that has enabled it to bring a huge investment program to the United States. The Korean investment will create many jobs in America in crucial industries, with products like semiconductors and electric batteries that the United States urgently needs.

South Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK are not the only ones making Korea visible and supportive in the international community. Certainly, K-pop is another.

BTS’s English song “Butter” once again topped the Billboard Chart Hot 100, following “Dynamite” last August. “Butter” also reached third place in the UK ranking. Thanks to the enormous popularity of BTS, South Korea is widely known around the world. Today, BTS is no longer just a Korean vocal group; they have become famous international idols who regularly compete with the best singers and pop groups in the world.

The other day I went to McDonald’s to buy a BTS meal that includes a box of Mcnuggets, fries and a soft drink, as well as two types of sauce – sweet chili and Cajun, written in English and Korean. About 40 years ago, when I was living in America, I couldn’t imagine that one day a sauce whose name is written in Korean would be available at McDonald’s, let alone a special meal named after a vocal group. Korean popular. Today, however, you can find the BTS meal not only in the United States, but many other countries as well.

I have a very good American friend by the name of Ben Vinson, Dean of Wayne State University. Her three children are big fans of Big Bang, another popular Korean vocal group. The ringtone of their smartphones is a Big Bang song. They even sing in Korean, imitating the members of Big Bang. They love Korean pop culture so much that they can’t wait to visit Seoul one day. Thus, BTS and Big Bang both play important roles as cultural ambassadors.

Our politicians should know the importance of cultural impact when it comes to raising the profile of South Korea. BTS has been doing a great job lately. Thanks to the spectacular achievements of BTS, many young foreigners develop an interest in Korean culture and wish to come to South Korea. In the future, these K-pop fans will remain not only good friends, but also valuable assets for Korea.

Our left politicians should also realize that we are no longer living in the Karl Marx era, when corporations ruthlessly exploit and mistreat workers. Today, big companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and SK are worker-friendly companies with exceptional salaries and remarkable benefits. That is why many people, national or foreign, want to get a job in the above companies. Therefore, our government should recognize their contribution to Korea’s economy and image and encourage them, not upset them as if they were capitalist monsters.

Indeed, the aforementioned Korean companies greatly contributed to the success of the Korea-US summit. If South Korea did not have world-class companies capable of investing in the United States, the summit might not go as well as it did. Thus, Korean politicians should never underestimate the importance of gigantic trading companies. Nor should they ignore the power of cultural exchanges between countries, as demonstrated by the global impact of BTS.

We should appreciate the international popularity of BTS and other K-pop groups. We should also appreciate our global companies which improve South Korea’s image in the world. We owe a lot to Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK and BTS.

Kim Seong-kon
Kim Seong-kon is Emeritus Professor of English at Seoul National University and Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College. The opinions expressed here are his own. – Ed.

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Hong Kong, unwitting victim of new CCP “left-wing disaster” http://movsoc.org/hong-kong-unwitting-victim-of-new-ccp-left-wing-disaster/ http://movsoc.org/hong-kong-unwitting-victim-of-new-ccp-left-wing-disaster/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 01:37:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/hong-kong-unwitting-victim-of-new-ccp-left-wing-disaster/

For the first time in 32 years, there was no candle light in Victoria Park on the anniversary of the June 4 incident. Darkness has descended on Hong Kong for the world to see. A picture by the news media is worth more than a thousand words by Carrie Lam, who still misleadingly insists that Hong Kong is back to normal. June 4, 2021 was even darker than the same day in 2020. Lee Cheuk-yan and Albert Ho Chun-yan, the backbone of the Hong Kong Alliance in support of democratic patriotic movements in China, remained in prison That day. Citizens marched through the streets with candles and the police demanded that they put out the flames.

Why has the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continued to suppress Hong Kong at all costs, even though it has already forced stability in the city and gained the upper hand? From a rational decision-making perspective, this is a fairly reckless decision on the part of the CCP, and can only be understood in the larger context of the story of a series of “left-wing catastrophes.” Caused by the CCP. Since the establishment of the CCP 100 years ago, its history has been intertwined with an endless stream of “left-wing disasters.” The wrong policies of the CCP itself have killed many more people than the Kuomintang or the Civil War. The CCP is a party characterized not only by perpetual infighting, but also by its use of infighting to create enemies in order to maintain the authority of its leadership and subdue the opposition within the party. When the need for internal strife arises, the CCP explodes disagreements within the party to facilitate the launching of infighting. It is the very antithesis of modern and civilized governance, which emphasizes rationality and tolerance. In the days of collectivization, farmers living in popular communes would be called counterrevolutionaries who had embraced capitalism simply by keeping a chicken.

In Hong Kong, since the CCP came up with the slogan “stop violence and chaos” in 2019, it thought it understood the public sentiment here. After the emergency promulgation of the regulations on the ban on covering the face and seats of the Chinese University and Polytechnic University, he was convinced that the Hong Kong people abhor chaos and instability and will change their position, so that the slogan “stop violence and chaos” would be in line with the prevailing opinion. What happened next? The pro-establishment camp suffered its biggest defeat in its history in the district council elections in November 2019. The CCP put even more pressure on Hong Kong. He imposed the National Security Law on the city, trying to use the draconian law to intimidate citizens into submitting. He arrested Jimmy Lai. He treated a primary election within the pro-democracy camp as a criminal case involving national security and arrested all prominent figures in the pro-democracy camp in one fell swoop. Having deprived the legislature of its ability to monitor the government, the CCP believed that the people of Hong Kong would be deterred. But Hong Kong has remained steadfast in its position and conviction. Hong Kong people continue to shop in the stores of the “yellow” (pro-democracy) economic circle. They support pop music groups such as Mirror and Error and boycott TVB, a television station considered to be pro-Chinese. They incorporated their beliefs into their daily practice. Yes, the CCP will step up its crackdown again, for every attempt it has made to imply that the people of Hong Kong have failed to achieve the desired results, but have spilled their conflicts with Hong Kong people into politics. in people’s daily lives. In the next step, the CCP will target the media and the education sector. In each political movement he launches, new “enemies” are created. The CCP’s “left-wing disasters” are a series of self-fulfilling prophecies. The CCP continues to play on internal differences, creating more and more enemies and taking increasingly harsh measures against them. Such a vicious cycle does not end until it ends in a great disaster.

Deng Xiaoping’s rules rejected

In 1979, Deng Xiaoping sealed the CCP’s “left devil” with three basic rules. First, personality cults have been banned. Term limits for the highest office in the country were created to prevent one man’s mistakes from harming the whole country. Second, the Cultural Revolution was completely rejected. The CCP would no longer engage in political struggles and instead focus on economic development. Third, a demarcation between the CCP and the government has been proposed to limit the power of the CCP, so that it cannot expand without limit. During Xi Jinping’s time, these three rules were dropped and another “left-wing disaster” was created. On the diplomatic front, the CCP under Xi defied the West without thinking, causing a sharp deterioration in its relations with the European Union despite the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Its aimless suppression of Hong Kong is a challenge to the core values ​​of the West that does not benefit the CCP at all. Domestically, it has pursued a policy of “private companies giving way to state-owned enterprises”, which has strangled innovation and pushed China into the middle-income trap. These leftist policies were pursued precisely because a personality cult was built around Xi, the same mistake that occurred during Mao Zedong’s time. The self-correction mechanism of the collective CCP leadership has become defective; he failed to reverse Xi Jinping’s decisions. To avoid trouble, Chinese bureaucrats prefer to err on the side of being “too left” so as not to be late.

The survival of the CCP depends on how far this new “left-wing disaster” will go. As the West points a finger at a lab for leaking the COVID-19 virus, a containment policy against China has already taken shape, and Hong Kong will be one of the unwitting victims of the “left-wing disaster” of the CCP. ”.

(Lau Sai-leung, political commentator)

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Letters to the editor for Monday, June 7, 2021 http://movsoc.org/letters-to-the-editor-for-monday-june-7-2021/ http://movsoc.org/letters-to-the-editor-for-monday-june-7-2021/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 10:01:13 +0000 http://movsoc.org/letters-to-the-editor-for-monday-june-7-2021/


Multiracial courage; political cowardice

Thousands of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy in order to survive threats both foreign and domestic. These Americans were white, black, Latino, Native American with multiple religious beliefs.

The Donald Trumps, Governor DeSantis and several state governments have chosen to honor these heroes and their surviving family members by doing all they can to prevent them from voting. Maybe they should take a trip to the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii and send a note to the buried sailors and marines letting them know what Trump democracy is; while Donald’s bone spurs kept him out of action.

Maybe we should have a national day of celebration in honor of the inept and flabby eunuchs we call our national representatives, who felt that a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 riot led by Trump could possibly endanger the chances of a midterm election for the GOP. What would have been the response if the rioters were people of color?

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Israel’s Netanyahu Alleges Election Fraud, Accuses Rival of Duplicity | World news http://movsoc.org/israels-netanyahu-alleges-election-fraud-accuses-rival-of-duplicity-world-news/ http://movsoc.org/israels-netanyahu-alleges-election-fraud-accuses-rival-of-duplicity-world-news/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 16:01:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/israels-netanyahu-alleges-election-fraud-accuses-rival-of-duplicity-world-news/

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that a new Israeli coalition poised to topple him was the result of “the biggest electoral fraud” in democratic history.

He made his accusation sweeping at a time when Israel’s internal security chief publicly warned of the prospect of political violence. Netanyahu focused his allegations on a broken campaign promise from the man ready to replace him as prime minister, nationalist Naftali Bennett.

Bennett had pledged not to associate with leftist, centrist and Arab parties, but announced on Wednesday with opposition leader Yair Lapid that they had formed a governing coalition with factions from all political backgrounds. .

Under a rotation deal, Bennett will first be Prime Minister, followed by Lapid.

Political cartoons about world leaders

No date has been set for a vote in parliament to approve the new government, which follows inconclusive elections on March 23, but it is widely expected to be sworn in on June 14.

“We are witnessing the biggest electoral fraud in the history of the country, in my opinion in the history of any democracy,” Netanyahu said in comments to lawmakers in his right-wing Likud party.

“This is why people rightly feel cheated and they respond, they should not be shut down,” he said in the remarks, which were broadcast live and indirectly referred to the campaign pledge. of Bennett not to team up with Lapid and others.

Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader, has been in power since 2009, and his tenure has been clouded by an ongoing corruption trial, in which he has denied any wrongdoing.

The potential new government puts an end to political maneuvering since the elections – Israel’s fourth in two years. People angry with the alliance staged protests outside the homes of opposition politicians, whose security has been tightened after threats on social media.

In a rare public warning, the head of the Shin Bet internal security agency said on Saturday that increasingly extreme online speech could lead to violence.

While condemning the violence and incitement, Netanyahu, 71, repeated his designation of the Lapid-Bennett coalition as a dangerous left-wing alliance.

“This government is endangering Israel with such danger that we have not seen for many years,” he said.

“We, my friends and I in Likud will vehemently oppose the establishment of this dangerous government of fraud and surrender. And if, God forbid, it’s established, we’ll overthrow it very quickly.

Netanyahu said the new politically diverse coalition would not be able to stand up to the United States if Washington reverted to a nuclear deal with Iran or deal forcefully with Hamas militants in Gaza, who have engaged Israel in 11 days of cross-border fighting last month.

He also criticized Facebook and Twitter, saying the two social media platforms, which he uses extensively, have blocked legitimate right-wing critiques of the Lapid-Bennett coalition.

Netanyahu said Facebook deleted a right-wing post that included a lawmaker’s address where a protest was to take place. He said a left-wing post that listed the same address but called on protesters to support lawmakers had not been removed.

“This is a scientific, simply scientific, clinical case that proves an attempt to silence the right,” Netanyahu said.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A Facebook spokesperson said:

“The privacy and protection of personal information is important to helping people feel secure on our services.

“Under our global community standards, we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information about others, including people’s addresses and phone numbers, so we remove such content once we are done. have knowledge. “

(Additional reporting by Ari Rabinovitch and Steven Scheer; Editing by Jeffrey Heller and Frances Kerry)

Copyright 2021 Thomson Reuters.

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Israel’s Internal Security Warns Against Violence As Netanyahu Risks Being Overthrown | World news http://movsoc.org/israels-internal-security-warns-against-violence-as-netanyahu-risks-being-overthrown-world-news/ http://movsoc.org/israels-internal-security-warns-against-violence-as-netanyahu-risks-being-overthrown-world-news/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 20:22:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/israels-internal-security-warns-against-violence-as-netanyahu-risks-being-overthrown-world-news/

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The head of Israel’s internal security services on Saturday issued a rare warning about possible violence during one of the most politically charged times in decades, with the country on the verge of toppling the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, its oldest leader.

Netanyahu faces the prospect of the end of his 12-year tenure as prime minister after centrist Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid on Wednesday announced that he had succeeded in forming a governing coalition following the election March 23.

The new government, which has yet to be sworn in, is an unlikely patchwork of left, liberal, right-wing, nationalist and religious parties, as well as – for the first time in Israel’s history – an Islamist Arab party .

Netanyahu in online publications warned that the partnership was “a dangerous leftist government.”

Political cartoons about world leaders

Some right-wing groups are angry with Naftali Bennett, leader of a small ultra-nationalist party set to replace Netanyahu in a power-sharing pact with Lapid, garnering numerous posts attacking him on social media.

Before the election, Bennett had promised he would not join centrist Lapid, or any Arab party in a coalition.

“We have recently identified an increase in increasingly extreme violent and inciting rhetoric, especially on social media,” Shin Bet security chief Nadav Argaman said in an unnamed statement.

“This speech can be interpreted among certain groups or individuals, as speech authorizing violent and illegal activities that can even cause physical harm,” he said.

Since Bennett announced he was teaming up with Lapid, the security services have stepped up his protection with right-wing protests organized near the homes of his party members, hoping to prevent them from joining the government.

Argaman called on political and religious leaders to show responsibility and tone down potential incentives. His warning reminded some in Israel of the days before the 1995 assassination of then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was gunned down by a Jewish ultra-nationalist for making a land-for-peace deal with the Palestinians. .

The Israeli left has for years blamed Netanyahu, then opposition leader, for playing a role in the incitement leading up to the assassination. Netanyahu vehemently dismissed the accusation and has repeatedly condemned Rabin’s murder.

Lapid and Bennett have said they hope their “unity government” will reduce deep political divisions among Israelis and end hatred. A poll by Israel’s N12 television station Meet the Press on Saturday showed that 46% of Israelis support the Bennett-Lapid government, 38% would prefer another election – the fifth in about two years – and 15% did not vote. preference.

Tensions could escalate further this week, as a Jewish right-wing march is expected to pass through the Damascus Gate to Jerusalem’s Old City. Eleven days of intense fighting erupted last month between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, sparked by Israeli-Palestinian clashes in Jerusalem, in and around the Old City. A similar march, the route of which was diverted at the last minute, took place the day the fighting broke out.

In the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, a nearby flashpoint, in East Jerusalem, where the potential eviction of Palestinians by Jewish settlers played a major role in the build-up of the latest Israel-Hamas conflict, scuffles broke out Saturday.

Al Jazeera media network said one of its reporters, Givara Budeiri, was assaulted and arrested by Israeli police while covering a protest there.

A police spokesperson said Budeiri assaulted police officers and refused to identify himself. Images posted online showed Budeiri, clad in a press vest, being pulled and pushed as she was taken away by three or four officers. Al Jazeera also said the journalist’s camera was broken.

Al Jazeera said the journalist was released hours later and was banned from entering Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days.

(Supplementary report by Zainah El-Haroun in Ramallah and Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza; edited by Bill Berkrot and Marguerita Choy)

Copyright 2021 Thomson Reuters.

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Bibi changed Americans’ perspective on Israel – but not in the way he wanted – J. http://movsoc.org/bibi-changed-americans-perspective-on-israel-but-not-in-the-way-he-wanted-j/ http://movsoc.org/bibi-changed-americans-perspective-on-israel-but-not-in-the-way-he-wanted-j/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 18:06:37 +0000 http://movsoc.org/bibi-changed-americans-perspective-on-israel-but-not-in-the-way-he-wanted-j/

In 2001, while off duty and in what he thought was a private executive, Benjamin Netanyahu boasted, “I know what America is. America is something you can move very easily, move America in the right direction.

Reelected in 2009, and still in office 12 years later, Netanyahu has pushed American Jews and Democrats in one direction – but not, in his view, the “right” direction. His approval ratings among Jews and Democrats have fallen under water. He remained popular with Republicans.

The story of Netanyahu’s relationship with America is that he knows what part of America is – the part that identifies as politically conservative.

“There is no more articulate or eloquent spokesperson for Israel than Netanyahu, he’s a great communicator, he knows the issues,” said Morton Klein, president of the right-wing Zionist organization of America , who has been close to the Netanyahu family. “No one can put the facts together for Israel like Netanyahu. “

The other America, the one that votes Democratic, Netanyahu ignores or simply never has. This other America includes the vast majority of American Jewish voters.

This dichotomy was evident in the secretly recorded conversation between Netanyahu and a family he consoled after a terrorist attack in 2001, two years after Ehud Barak defeated Netanyahu in an election, ending his first term as prime minister. Netanyahu, a private citizen at the time, described his successes as prime minister in limiting Israeli concessions during the Oslo peace process.

“I wasn’t afraid to play cute, I wasn’t afraid to face [former President Bill] Clinton, ”Netanyahu said.

Confronting Clinton and “playing cute” by cultivating Republicans for political influence infuriated the then president. But that was not enough to shake the approval of American Jews for the telegenic and English-speaking prime minister, who spent much of his young adulthood in the United States and whose relationship with the American Jewish community goes back to the United States. he was a diplomat in the United States in the early 1980s. In surveys in the late 1990s, more than 60% of American Jews said they approved of the way he had handled the peace process.

It wasn’t until his second stint as Israel’s leader, in which he became the country’s longest-serving prime minister, that Netanyahu tarnished his reputation among American Jews – and failed him among the Democrats. Netanyahu has had a series of confrontations with President Barack Obama over the Palestinians and Iran, which he followed with a hug from President Donald Trump. These relationships, coupled with his increasingly conservative policies in Israel, have soured a relationship with American Jews that was once on solid foundations.

In 2009, the year Netanyahu returned to power, only 23 percent of American Jews disapproved of him, according to the American Jewish Committee’s annual poll. That number doubled to 47% in 2017, the last year the AJC poll included the question. His approval rating rose from 59% to 45% among American Jews during the same period.

Netanyahu’s approval rating among Democrats has never been high, but it has also plummeted over the past decade. In 2019, the last time Gallup surveyed its ratings among Americans, it was 18%. Her approval ratings among Democrats fluctuated in the 1920s and 1930s for much of the decade, except at the height of her confrontation with Obama over the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, when she fell to 17%.

Netanyahu’s confrontations over settlement issues with Obama, a Democrat popular with Jewish voters, in 2010 and 2011, probably didn’t help either.

Klein of the ZOA said that Netanyahu was moving slowly through the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, unlike some of his predecessors, but that the left would never accept it, because Netanyahu resisted supporting the two-state solution that has become one. liberal orthodoxy. when it comes to Israel.

Klein said Democrats over the years have been increasingly influenced by elements hostile to Israel. “I don’t think those in Congress who are hostile to Israel will become less hostile if you have a left-wing prime minister,” he said. “Their hostility is based on their belief that Israel does not unilaterally give the Palestinians a state. “

But there were other factors affecting Netanyahu’s relations with American Jews, including the concessions he made to religious parties in his coalition, as well as policies that ran counter to the pluralistic inclinations of American Jews. The extent of the reduction in those policies was revealed in a holiday call that then-Netanyahu’s senior adviser Ron Dermer had with Jewish federation leaders in 2011.

Dermer came equipped with talking points about the peace process – but he was unprepared for a shootout of furious questions about the status of women in Israel, including separate seats on buses serving the Haredi Orthodox community and the humiliation of an Israeli scientist who won an award from the Ministry of Health but was forbidden to receive it on a stage by the Minister of Health, who was haredi.

Other difficult times in the increasingly difficult relationship between Netanyahu and American Jewish leaders followed a similar theme: in 2017, Netanyahu reneged on a deal to provide space for non-Orthodox group prayer at the Western Wall. His threat in 2018 to deport African asylum seekers spurred condemnation of Jewish leaders not known to criticize Israel. His warning to Likud voters on polling day in 2015 that Arab “moorings” were heading to the polls shocked American Jewish groups. His work in 2019 with a far-right party drew warnings from major Jewish groups, including the AIPAC lobby, which hardly ever criticizes Israel.

For Democrats, Netanyahu identified himself indelibly with Republicans in 2015 when he accepted an invitation from then-Republican House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress and berate Obama for his Iranian policies.

This event was organized in part by then-Ambassador Dermer, an adviser so close to Netanyahu that he was called “Bibi’s brain. Democrats say Miami-born Dermer, who began his political career in the 1990s working with a GOP consultant, did indeed become a Republican supporter when he accepted Boehner’s request to keep the planned speech a secret until he can do as much damage as possible to Obama.

The day after Obama’s State of the Union speech, Boehner announced Netanyahu’s speech, a move calculated to make Netanyahu appear as the most serious statesman, which outraged Democrats – in especially black Democrats. A number of Democrats boycotted the speech.

Netanyahu’s perceived partisanship only intensified after the election of Donald Trump and their fierce mutual embrace: Trump broke several taboos in US policy in Israel and embraced Netanyahu’s platform, shifting the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, recognizing Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights, funding aid to the Palestinians, quitting the Iran nuclear deal, and crafting a peace plan that would give Israel a huge chunk of the West Bank. Netanyahu repaid the favors, calling Trump the most pro-Israel president of all time and defend Trump when his statements seemed anti-Semitic, or at least insensitive to Jewish fears.

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participate in an announcement of Trump’s Middle East peace plan in the East Room of the White House, January 28, 2020 (Photo / JTA-Mandel Ngan-AFP via Getty Images)

“The Trump-Bibi alliance has become the face of the US-Israel relationship, which we said at the time to be really bad for Israel,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, chairman of the liberal pressure group pro-Israel J Street.

Dermer, in particular, accompanied Trump to Pittsburgh in 2018 after an armed man, uttering a xenophobic conspiracy theory that Trump had peddled, murdered 11 worshipers in the city’s Tree of Life synagogue. Dermer was visible as Trump visited the site of the massacre, which was an odd move because the massacre had nothing to do with Israel. But the local Jewish community has made it clear that they would prefer Trump to stay away, and Dermer was a practical Jewish leader for the president.

“There have been a series of actions and circumstances that have exhausted some of the goodwill between Netanyahu” and the Democrats, said Representative Brad Schneider, a Jewish Democrat who was previously a secular leader at AIPAC and to the American Jewish Committee. “I think the way [2015] the speech started, the process was not helpful, it left a lot of hurt feelings.

Mark Mellman, who heads the Democratic Majority for Israel, a group that backs Democrats who follow a more traditional pro-Israel line, said his work has not been made easier by the perception that Netanyahu is in Republicans’ pockets.

“This is deeply felt by Democrats and it helps to give the issue a partisan aspect,” he said.

It didn’t help, said Schneider, that Dermer – now back in Israel – recently said in a public address that American Jews “disproportionately” criticize Israel and that evangelical Christians are more reliable as supporters. .

“When former Ambassador Ron Dermer says we should focus less on the wider Jewish community, it doesn’t help build goodwill within the Jewish community,” Schneider said.

Democrats also saw Netanyahu, encouraged by Trump, exclude what had become Democratic doctrine: a two-state end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The opening of Netanyahu last year, the annexation of parts of the West Bank shocked even the most pro-Israel Democrats.

There is a group of members of the Jewish Democratic Congress who hail from Jewish youth movements and summer camps, and who have been for years among the main architects of Middle Eastern politics. They talk to each other about the optimism they felt in the 1990s, when Israeli-Palestinian peace seemed tangible. Now they feel he’s crushed. For them, the once admired Netanyahu has become persona non grata.

“For decades, Israel has wisely cultivated relations with Democrats and Republicans,” said a former Jewish Democratic congressman who asked not to be named to speak frankly. “Bibi broke that tradition and set her sights on Republicans, and permanently undermined the confidence of many Democrats on and off the Hill.”

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Pence: I will probably never agree with Trump on January 6 | New Hampshire News http://movsoc.org/pence-i-will-probably-never-agree-with-trump-on-january-6-new-hampshire-news/ http://movsoc.org/pence-i-will-probably-never-agree-with-trump-on-january-6-new-hampshire-news/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 01:08:00 +0000 http://movsoc.org/pence-i-will-probably-never-agree-with-trump-on-january-6-new-hampshire-news/

By MICHAEL CASEY, Associated Press

MANCHESTER, NH (AP) – Former Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday he was not sure he and former President Donald Trump would ever see each other ‘agree’ on what happened on January 6, but that he would “always be proud of what we have accomplished for the American people over the past four years.

Pence, speaking at a Republican dinner in the early voting state of New Hampshire, made his most detailed comments yet on the events of January 6, when angry Trump supporters took to storms the Capitol, some chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” After the vice president said he did not have the power to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.

“As I said that day, January 6 was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol. But thanks to the rapid action of the Capitol police and federal law enforcement, the violence was quelled. The Capitol was secured, ”Pence said.

“And that same day, we convened Congress again and did our duty under the Constitution and the laws of the United States,” Pence continued. “You know President Trump and I have spoken a number of times since we left office. And I don’t ‘I don’t know if we’ll ever be okay on that day.”

Political cartoons

It was a rare start for Pence, who spent four years standing loyally alongside his boss amid controversy, investigation and impeachment. It comes as Pence considers his own potential in the White House in 2024 and Republicans, some of whom were angry with Trump in the days following the Jan.6 insurgency, have largely rallied around the former president. .

Pence praised Trump several times during his nearly 35-minute speech at the Hillsborough County Republican Committee’s annual Lincoln-Reagan Awards dinner in Manchester. He tried to turn the events of January 6 against the Democrats, saying they wanted to keep the insurgency in the news to distract from Biden’s liberal agenda.

“I will not allow Democrats or their allies in the media to use a tragic day to discredit the aspirations of millions of Americans. Or allow Democrats or their allies in the media to distract our attention from a new administration that intends to divide our country to advance their radical agenda, ”Pence said. “My Republican colleagues, for our country, for our future, for our children and our grandchildren, we must move forward, in solidarity.”

He accused Biden of campaigning as a moderate but becoming the most liberal president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. He said the administration had imposed on Congress “a COVID bill to fund the massive expansion of the welfare state” and was pushing for an “infrastructure bill” that was in fact a “bill. on thinly disguised climate change “funded by cuts to the military and historic sectors. tax increases.

“I’m just saying enough is enough,” he said, adding that “we will stand up for freedom firmly.”

Pence also touched on several favorite themes of conservative Republicans, stressing the need for states to strengthen voter integrity across the country. He praised law enforcement as a hero, saying: “Black lives are not endangered by the police. Black lives are saved by the police every day.

He also opposed “critical race theory,” which seeks to reframe the narrative of American history.

Its supporters argue that federal law preserved the unequal treatment of people on the basis of race and that the country was founded on the theft of land and labor. But Republicans have said concepts suggesting that people are inherently racist or that America was founded on racial oppression is divisive and has no place in the classroom.

“America is not a racist country,” he said, eliciting one of many standing ovations and cheers during his speech.

“It’s high time America rejected the left-wing myth of systemic racism,” Pence said. “I commend lawmakers and state governors across the country for banning critical race theory in our schools.”

His choice of states, including an April appearance in South Carolina, is aimed at increasing his visibility as he plans to run for the White House in 2024.

Trump is increasingly acting and speaking as if he is considering running as he enters a more public phase of his post-presidency, starting with a speech Saturday in North Carolina.

Since leaving office in January, Pence has worked with the Heritage Foundation and the Young America’s Foundation. His team said he was planning more trips, including stops in Texas, California and Michigan.

Along with his visits to South Carolina and New Hampshire, Pence has hit the fundraising circuit. He is expected to speak next week at another fundraiser hosted by Parliamentary Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, will travel to North Carolina for a Heritage Foundation donors event, and then travel to California, where he will attend the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute’s speaker series, a Republican National Committee donors retreat and a Young America’s Foundation event, according to attendees.

Among other prominent Republicans, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said in April that she would step down if Trump decides to run in 2024. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has embarked on an aggressive agenda, visiting states that will play a central role in the 2024 primaries; and the signing of a contract with Fox News Channel.

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Crime and qualifications involved in heated debate over mayor of New York http://movsoc.org/crime-and-qualifications-involved-in-heated-debate-over-mayor-of-new-york/ http://movsoc.org/crime-and-qualifications-involved-in-heated-debate-over-mayor-of-new-york/#respond Thu, 03 Jun 2021 01:57:35 +0000 http://movsoc.org/crime-and-qualifications-involved-in-heated-debate-over-mayor-of-new-york/

The first hour of the debate, co-hosted by WABC-TV, was broadcast on television and was perhaps the biggest scene so far for the mayoral candidates, although the station anticipated the second hour with a game show, “Press Your Luck,” requiring viewers to switch to another channel or an online stream.

After months of frozen online forums, Wednesday’s debate turned into a price fight, with fans of the contestants organize gatherings outside the Upper West Side TV studio, waving signs, screaming music and mingling with suitors.

Inside, several candidates seemed eager for a confrontation. During the tense exchanges between Mr. Yang and Mr. Adams, Mr. Yang suggested that the tips for confronting others about the use of illicit fireworks led to the death of a woman, and Mr. Adams said at another point that people of color are “often wrongly accused in this country” and asked Mr. Yang to apologize for his innuendo about the corruption.

Scott M. Stringer, the city comptroller who kept a low profile in the first debate, issued scathing denunciations of several of his rivals. “As your consultants have told you time and time again, they admit that you are an empty ship,” Mr. Stringer told Mr. Yang, looking over his podium to address the former candidate directly. the presidential election. “Actually, I don’t think you are an empty ship. I think you’re a Republican who continues to focus on the issues that won’t bring the economy back. “

Mr Stringer, who presents himself as a progressive with deep experience in government, also tore Maya Wiley, former adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio, claiming she had been a “rubber stamp” for the Police Benevolent Association when she presided over the civil complaint. Review board.

And he suggested that Mr. Adams and others think that “the only way to prevent crime is to go back to the Giuliani days with stop-and-frisk and a Republican agenda that put a lot of kids in. our criminal justice system “.

Ms Wiley, who has defended his tenure, criticized Mr Yang’s record as head of Venture for America, the non-profit organization he led before running for president, over his record of creating a ‘jobs and how, according to records, he failed to recruit many participants of color. And in one of the most revealing exchanges of the night, she and Mr. Adams had a long conversation about the remarks he made about guns.

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