Capitol Hill rioter accompanied members of Congress on a trip to the US-Mexico border

Anthony Aguero, a close ally of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene may be seen in videos and Pictures with Republican members of Congress who traveled to a border road frequented by migrants Tuesday evening. CNN’s KFile previously reported that Aguero visited the Capitol during the Jan.6 riot and applauded and justified the break-in.

Aguero told his viewers that the border patrol “regroups” the immigrants crossing the border in a particular location, saying: “We are about to catch them all because they are basically coming out of the woods.”

In a statement, Aguero told CNN, “I appreciate the members of Congress and the women of Congress who have gone out of their way to come to the border to see the crisis for themselves.” He did not respond to questions about how he was on the border with members of Congress.

Aguero was not charged with illegally entering the United States Capitol on January 6. After chanting “heave-ho” as rioters attempted to break in, he entered the Capitol rotunda and then chanted “our house” on the Capitol steps. In a livestream a day after the Capitol Riot, he attacked those who condemned the Capitol rampage. The FBI had previously declined to say whether it was investigating Aguero in an email to CNN.
The trip to the border in La Joya, Texas, was organized by the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of conservative members of the House of Representatives, and covered by reporters from CNN, Politics, The hill, and the members of conservative media.
The members were visiting ahead of former President Donald Trump’s visit to the border on Wednesday. Aguero was seated in the audience directly behind the former president on Wednesday evening during Trump’s appearance on Hannity.
It is not known how Aguero joined the group on Tuesday evening, as he was not at the press briefing before the trip which was followed by journalists, from a photo and a CNN reporter present. He was already in the area when members of Congress arrived.

Buckley Carlson, RSC deputy director of communications, said Aguero’s presence at the border was “purely coincidental”.

“President (Jim) Banks never spoke to the individual in question, the Republican Study Board was unaware of his identity and whereabouts on January 6, and he did not travel with our group until the border, ”Carlson said in a statement to CNN.

Aguero, who told members of Congress he was there as a “freelance reporter” with Border Network News, posted a long livestream on his YouTube channel where he is seen interviewing and sometimes translating conversations with migrants for reps. Boebert, Tiffany, August Pfluger from Texas, and Randy Weber from Texas.
In one case, Aguero drove Weber in his truck after the congressman missed his van.

“Come right ahead, congressman,” Aguero said with a laugh. “You can go up front with me.” Aguero also posed for a photo with Boebert at the end of his show.

Aguero previously competed in the 2020 Congressional Republican primary for the 16th Congressional District of Texas, which encompasses most of El Paso and surrounding suburbs, but lost.

The videographer, who sometimes goes by the nickname “Conservative Anthony” online, frequently documents migrants along the US-Mexico border and the activities of right-wing activists and militias, including the guardian patriots, the border militia formerly known as the United Constitutional Patriots, and the proud boys.
In disturbing clip shot by Aguero in April 2019 who appears in PBS’s documentary “Targeting El Paso”, Aguero can be heard shouting at migrants crossing the border and lighting up migrants’ faces. In the clip, Aguero tells a group of migrants that they “come out like cockroaches, everywhere”. According to PBS, the clip was viewed 160,000 times before Aguero removed it from Facebook.

He also has a history of criminal violence, according to court records online. In 2010, he pleaded guilty to a tort of domestic violence causing grievous bodily harm. In 2015, he was convicted of vehicular assault while intoxicated and sentenced to two years in Texas State Prison.

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