Can believers find unity in a politically polarized society? A group says yes

In a politically polarized society where Christians are divided across party lines, Justin Giboney and the AND campaign represent a movement that believes there is a path to unity.

The AND campaign seeks to unite believers with a gospel-centered vision for “redemptive justice and values-based politics”.

In recent years, many Christians have seen the political arena escalate, so many voters feel they have to choose between biblical beliefs or compassion.

Justin Giboney, founder and chair of the AND campaign, launched the organization in 2017 to help urban Christians solve these problems. Based in Atlanta, the AND campaign “educates and organizes Christians for civic and cultural engagement that results in better representation, more just and compassionate policies and a healthier political culture”.

Now the AND campaign is launching local chapters to mobilize Christians to promote a culture of compassion and belief. In Birmingham, Danny Brister Jr. is leading the charge as chairman of the Birmingham group.

‘Bring people together’

“We’re looking to raise awareness, but we’re also looking to build relationships,” Brister explained. “In our city, it’s very easy to live among people of your own socio-economic status. We seek to intentionally bring people together to build relationships and have conversations about these issues. “

After eight years working in the mayor’s office and three years in church planting, Brister has extensive experience in ministry and local government.

He partnered with Matt Francisco, discipleship pastor at Redeemer Community Church, to serve as the church liaison for the Birmingham chapter. Redeemer is in the heart of Avondale in the old building of the South Avondale Baptist Church.

The AND campaign will seek partnerships with local churches in the Birmingham area to help them carry out their mission in the city.

“We keep a long term view in mind,” Francisco said. “We understand that building relationships in a city with a divided history like ours is going to take a lot of time, prayer and patience.”

For many in Birmingham, this movement represents a future of hope, racial reconciliation and gospel-driven unity. To connect to the AND campaign, visit For more information on the Birmingham Chapter, follow them on social media at @bhamandcamp or send an email to [email protected]

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