CAIR says second ‘spy’ for anti-Muslim group has come forward


A week after the dismissal of the executive director of the Ohio branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for spying on the organization of an anti-Muslim group, the CAIR national office announced on Tuesday via its Twitter account that a second “spy” had been identified.

The second anonymous person who CAIR said spied on the organization and American Muslims came forward voluntarily and, although the individual was not working for the nonprofit organization, he was an active volunteer at a large mosque and has been invited to national meetings and events, the tweet mentioned.

CAIR did not specify where the person was geographically, but said he was nowhere in Ohio.

CAIR:The Columbus Muslim Defense Group spying dates back to at least 2008

This news follows Romin Iqbal, former executive director of CAIR-Ohio, who has been exposed for spying for the Terrorism Investigation Project (IPT) since at least 2008. Iqbal, 45, worked in the Hilliard office of Muslim social organization. services and advocacy group and oversaw the group’s operations in Columbus and Cincinnati.

No further details were given as to the identity of the second person, but the tweets indicated that Steven Emerson, the founder of the anti-Muslim IPT, had paid the individual $ 3,000 per month to register. prominent Muslim leaders. During the four years he worked for Emerson, the man was paid more than $ 100,000 by IPT, according to CAIR.

“One of Emerson’s goals, we are told, was to protect the Israeli government (sic) by undermining Muslims engaged in political and human rights activism,” the tweets read.

“An act of complete treason”:CAIR-Ohio considers legal action over director’s dismissal

A phone call for comment to the IPT on Tuesday night was not immediately returned.

Contacted last week by email about Iqbal, the IPT issued a statement which read, in part: “Although the Terrorism Investigation Project never has and will never monitor the whole of the American Muslim community, he will not hesitate to discover and publicly expose radical Islamist activities. on American soil by groups like CAIR, which threaten our national security.

CAIR said it is collecting and verifying more information from the person who has come forward. CAIR is also informing leaders and organizations it has targeted of what it has done and will publicly post its name when that is complete, the tweets said.

The man went to his mosque leaders and confessed before telling CAIR, they said. He apologized and said he would cooperate, the Twitter thread said.

CAIR advised anyone else who helped IPT or other hate groups to do the same.

CAIR announced at a press conference on December 16, two days after the news from Iqbal broke, that in 2020 it had received information about moles in different Muslim groups.

Iqbal was identified through investigations after the information was given to CAIR, and he had recorded meetings with national CAIR leaders, sharing emails and strategic plans with IPT for years, has declared the CAIR.

“Completely shattered this trust”:Muslim leaders in Columbus shocked by allegations against Romin Iqbal

IPT is based in Washington, DC and is called a nonprofit research group with a mission “to expose the activities of terrorist networks and their supporters in the United States and abroad and to educate the public. on this threat ”.

CAIR previously said it discovered that there were a total of three IPT moles, including Iqbal, in different Muslim organizations, but no others within CAIR itself.

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