BONOKOSKI: Our spoiled prime minister is a “big” progressive

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It has become more evident that Justin Trudeau is a spoiled child.


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Most of the world should see this by now, but don’t.

Instead of using the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation – his creation of a federal holiday – to listen to Indigenous survivors talk about the pan-Canadian indignity of residential schools, Trudeau spent most of the day traveling to Tofino for a family surf vacation.

His CPM itinerary had taken him to Ottawa for private meetings.

It was a lie.

His apologies to the First Nations are not enough either.

In addition to this, we have a long article in the Washington Monthly, written by editor-in-chief Daniel Block, who claims our surf premier is perhaps “the most successful progressive leader in the world.”

He demands air sickness bags.

What is emphasized, of course, is the point of view of the left, unfiltered by reality, but certainly lacking a counterweight such as Trudeau not giving the celebration of truth and reconciliation a decent broadcast in surfing instead.


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It was he, after all, who invented the party and gave it more references than Remembrance Day; yet, it was something he couldn’t fully honor on the day of his inauguration.

He’s such a dilettante, but when American political writers are prepared to flatter him with the mere drop of his name, what should a poor rich little boy do?

“Power, of course, is only as good as what you make of it,” Block exclaimed. “Trudeau’s tenure produced a long list of political achievements.

And then he rhymed them.

“The Prime Minister expanded the Canadian version of social security – called the Canada Pension Plan – by increasing the amount of income the system replaces from one-quarter to one-third, a change that delighted youlet’s deny it, ”Block wrote. “It increased the Guaranteed Income Supplement by 10%, which the government offers to particularly disadvantaged seniors. His parliament created the Tax-free childcare benefit for impoverished children and the country’s first carbon tax. “


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We apologize, but this video failed to load.

Block writes as if these are just waiting for him to dig up, add some water and sunny paths, and watch them thrive.

This, of course, was far from the case. Block writes as if the establishment of the country’s first carbon tax, and then its hike, was done to the applause of the diligent and heavily taxed people of Canada.

But what is it ? Someone at PMO makes sure the item is properly framed and prepared for international promotion.

But what would make Trudeau’s name jump out? Washington monthly?

Could it be that Paul Glastris, speech editor for former President Bill Clinton, has been the magazine’s editor since 2001?

Clinton + Trudeau = Puff coin.

Before joining the Monthly, Block was a 2017-18 Luce Fellow living in Delhi, India, where he studied Hindi and worked for the Caravan – a leading magazine of Indian politics and politics.


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There is no doubt that he saw Trudeau’s bhangra in India in 2018.

That would have sealed the deal.

Always. Trudeau took several blows to the back of the head.

“Trudeau’s Blackface is appalling, and so are his policies,” wrote The nation in 2019, shortly after the scandal broke.

“The mainstream media,” the article said, “are finally realizing how thin the liberal leader’s progressive veneer has always been.”

Around the same time, a Guardian The columnist criticized Trudeau for “basking in a progressive image he doesn’t deserve.” Last week a story on the left Jacobin describe Trudeau as a “fake” and a “champion of the status quo”.

A long time ago, in the days of 2015 when Justin Trudeau seemed to rival Justin Bieber.

It was horrible to watch.

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