Big Tech’s crack pipe cover-up

A throwaway campaign item in an otherwise innocuous spending package exposed one way the Biden administration and the Democratic Party view “racial equity.” the Free Washington Beacon revealed a week ago the Department of Health and Human Services would distribute free crack pipes to drug users to promote hygiene and advance racial equity. The cost was around $30 million and the program is similar to what left-wing strongholds like Seattle and San Francisco are already doing.

The story had all the elements of tabloid gold — even better in terms of clickability than the latest Biden crack pipe story: Hunter’s Laptop. Easy to digest in a single headline, sparing readers from grisly imagery of the President’s son being jerked off with his feet, the story also succinctly validated everything we already knew about Democrats, their priorities, and the grotesque and fundamentally perverse of the left towards the black community.

“Equity” is, of course, intentionally and vehemently decoupled from “racial equality,” but somehow the party hopes you won’t notice. The egalitarian society, a battle cry of the old liberal school, we now understand was the platform on which to build the equitable society. It turns out that equality was a bit too conservative in practice, was pretty much already in place and, for the left, in tune with the US Constitution. Propelled by grievances and emotional intimidation, fairness is vengeful and destructive. It is about the frightening, green-eyed, progressive seizure and redistribution of all resources and opportunities based on fluid and ever-changing criteria determined by an elite at the top of government and their business partners. But the word itself sounds so close to “equal” that most people didn’t notice – and if they did, they assumed the two were synonymous and interchangeable.

They are not. At the risk of sounding like a Turning Point ambassador or one-eyed congressman, this is really just socialism, which they tell us sucks. What sucks the most is that the word, socialism, has effectively been defaced and means next to nothing to the younger generation, even right-wing zoomers who might be okay with things like socialized medicine.

Enter: equity, popping out every tongue in the White House and casually inserting into every government document. Has it occurred to anyone in the Biden administration that black people — the one vote they absolutely must control to maintain power, and the group they claim to care about most — might be offended when the administration reduces their lot to drugs and human sidewalk trash? That the party’s token of appreciation for decades of blind support is gift bags full of drug paraphernalia? May be. But that didn’t matter. Crack pipes for equity wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t sloppy: that’s just how they talk. They remind you of the ubiquitous centralized planning that awaits you for the future. A simple word like fairness turns the horrible into routine; add “racial” and it becomes virtuous, cynically. Crack pipe equity, property equity, credit rating equity, cheeseburger equity, whatever: this has always been the endgame of the left, despite their ability to sometimes transform into milder interpretations of evil.

the Free tag History has revealed something more telling about the filthy age of institutional gaslighting in which we live. The mainstream media, so-called “fact-checking” organizations and Big Tech immediately covered the administration, with Democratic mega-donor Mark Zuckerberg again the most brazen. old biddy wiggling his fingers. Crack memes got a slap in the face with Instagram’s “Missing Context” warning. I walked past a Forrest Gump meme that read, “And just like that crack was safer than ivermectin,” only to be informed by Instagram in alarming red font: “Independent fact-checkers say the information in this message lacks context and could mislead people.

To be fair, nothing gives me more joy than Instagram fact-checking memes, I just wish they applied the same standards to selfies. “Missing context – the angle of this photo was taken hides multiple chins”, “Missing context – this image was drastically edited in FaceTune”, “Missing context – this is a post-workout pump, and it won’t look so pumped up in about an hour”, “Missing context – that’s not his boat.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook then used a fact-checking service no one has ever heard of called Lead Stories to censor the report as “misinformation”. Lead Stories, whoever it is, was founded by a former CNN reporter and Democratic donor. Snopes, the last stop for wine-hungry cat-ladies who couldn’t show up in the news, called the story “mostly untrue”. Their reasoning? Crack pipes were “just one of twenty components of the subsidy program.” the Free tagin the original report, mentioned several of these other components such as syringes, vaccines and condoms.

The reaction was so swift that it revealed that America’s Information Guardians are not just liberal-leaning, they are the Democratic Party’s rapid response unit. Their involvement goes beyond lazily spreading the Biden administration’s vision of things or throwing softball questions at that battered dwarf of a press secretary — they’ve put out fires for them. They are an integral part of maintaining a certain public image of the Donkey Party. More and more, people are starting to question how voluntary this is. As any Washington press man will tell you, nothing about this kind of assault on opposition newsrooms and commentators feels organic. It looks like marching orders.

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