Biden presidency “weakened” by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party: David Ignatius of the Washington Post


Washington Post columnist David Ignatius joined “The Brian Kilmeade ShowThursday to discuss Vladimir Putin’s ‘real recklessness’, China’s potential isolation, and how the Biden presidency has been unsettled by far-left policies.

DAVID IGNATIUS: “Hope you’re not dreaming “- you said it right. That’s kind of exactly the way I see it. I was hoping Joe Biden was elected as a centrist – that’s the way he campaigned, certainly in the Democratic Party. He was the most centrist of them. He has a reputation for having good relations across the aisle with Republicans in the Senate. I think he did. “He was pulled to the left by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party more than he should have been. I think that is weakening his presidency. I hope he realizes that. And you know, it’s like being who the country elects.

But, you know, I think the right space – a winning space for the country – is that wide middle space where most of the people are. Most people aren’t on extreme wings, they just aren’t. You know it, I know it. Somehow we have to have leadership that reflects this. And once we have some really good leaders talking to the whole country, a lot of our problems are just going to be alleviated.



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