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Trying to control the temperature 100 years from now, while crushing our economy and making the nation dependent on the oil of the foreign enemy – is simply insane.

By Gary Bauer

WASHINGTON, DC (Texas Insider Report) – It’s obvious to the American people – 70% of Americans support increasing home energy production. Only 18% oppose it – but Joe Biden and his fellow Socialist Democrats are in power, but at the same time they are clearly the radical minority fringe of the country!

Biden himself has said he wants to phase out the fossil fuel industry. Wall Street’s top hedge funds are fighting proxy battles to force environmental activists onto the boards of big oil companies. Biden is pushing the banking system to impose devastating regulations on US energy companies.


Well, now that we’re on the brink of World War III – while facing crippling energy costs – it’s the energy crisis of Joe Biden and the Democrats. The left has that.

If we want to be a serious nation again, we have to start promoting reliable energy under our control.

Trying to control the temperature 100 years from now – while crushing our economy and making us dependent on foreign enemies – is simply insane.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that gas prices are going up. In fact, they are increasing at a record rate, and they are rapidly heading for records. It won’t be long before this spike in energy costs plunges our country into a recession – all thanks to the fact that our nation has just gone through a period when virtually every major “power center” was engaged in the “global warming,” “environmental racism,” and even destroying our own energy industry while making us dependent on Communist China for so-called “green energy.”

We cannot forget that we have just gone through a time when virtually every major “power center” in America has pledged to destroy our own energy industry, while making us dependent on Communist China for so-called “energy”. green”.


When Joe Biden took office, he literally walked into the White House after his inauguration and declared war on America’s energy industry. Among his “day one” actions in the Oval Office, he blocked a critical pipeline from Canada and plunged us back into the absurd Paris climate accord.

In the days that followed, he blocked drilling permits on federal lands, limited offshore permits, banned additional drilling in Alaska, and imposed higher taxes and more regulations on energy companies.

Unsurprisingly, gas and heating oil costs have increased as Joe Biden has limited production and supply. But they didn’t initially rise as much as experts had predicted. Well, now we find out why.

The Biden administration has begun buying record amounts of Russian oil. That’s right – Biden started buying oil from Vladimir Putin. (What does Vlad have on Joe Biden?)

When President Trump left office, we were “energy independent”—or, as the former energy secretary and governor of Texas likes to put it, America “is energy dominant!” The United States of America was one of the main energy producers. Even at the height of Trump’s economic boom in 2019, gas prices averaged just $2.60, down from 2018.

Wouldn’t you like to pay $2.60 a gallon for gas today?


Let’s be absolutely clear: Instead of siding with the hard-working men and women of America’s energy industry, Biden is siding with foreign dictators.

Instead of doing business with Dallas, he’s doing business with Moscow. Instead of doing business with Oklahoma City, he is doing business with Tehran.

It’s bad enough that your family budget is being hammered by Biden’s absurd energy policies, but they’ve also contributed immensely to Ukraine’s current foreign policy crisis by funding Putin’s war machine and making Europe dependent on Russian energy.

One last thought

It is well known that Vladimir Putin thought his war in Ukraine would be a quick victory, partly because he believed in the superiority of the Russian army and the weakness of the Ukrainian army. But he also believed that America and the West were decadent and would not stand up to him.

On this last point, he may be right.

We argue over pronouns and discuss the number of genders. As the family crumbles, we can’t say for sure what marriage is like today. We praise radical Marxist theories on race and applaud those who protest against our national anthem.

Osama bin Laden also thought the West was decadent. Xi Jinping says the same in private speeches to the Communist Party leadership. (Speaking of Xi, he wants the “Taiwan issue” settled as soon as possible.)

There is no doubt about the growing dangers of Western decadence. Our decadence already results in far too much death and destruction through abortion, rampant street crime, broken families and drug overdoses.

But it could get much worse. Our obvious decadence inspires our wicked enemies to test us, which could lead to a terrible miscalculation.

Exposing the radical and democratic left

Elie Mystal is not a household name, but he is representative of the rising progressive left. Unsurprisingly, he’s a frequent guest on MSNBC — and last Friday he even landed an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” where he made headlines for trashing the Constitution.


So, Mystal explained:

“It’s kind of a garbage can. It was written by slavers, settlers and white people wanting to make deals with slavers and settlers. … This document was without the consent of the blacks and browns of this country and without the consent of women…the least we can do is ignore what these slavers, settlers and misogynists thought and interpret the Constitution in a way that makes sense for our modern world. “

Here’s to you guys. There is the left-wing, Marxist, “critical race theory” view of the Constitution.

And, they want to trash it, reinterpret it as they see fit, and “fundamentally transform” America.

Do any of these far-left policies or initiatives any senses?

Gary Bauer is president of American Values. Subscribe here to his daily “End of Day Report” and read it here.

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