68% of remote workers are also interested in freelance concerts

How and where people work is changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And a new study by Fifth reveals that the possibility of working remotely opens up new opportunities. According to the report, 68% of American teleworkers are interested in freelance assignments. One of the reasons is that working from home gives remote workers more free time.

If you eliminate commuting, you can have many hours that in the past were lost to traffic. Ten, 20 or more hours of daily commuting per week is not uncommon for many workers across the country. Now imagine using those hours to freelance from home. And a lot teleworkers now register as self-employed taking advantage of this period.

68% of teleworkers interested in freelance concerts

That’s what Hila Klein, COO at Fiverr, said in the emailed statement. “At Fiverr, we’ve seen new freelance registrations in the US increase 48% year over year. [Q3 of 2020], more than doubling the growth rate over the same period last year.

Klein goes on to say that COVID has accelerated the move to freelance. However, Fiverr expects the trend to accelerate after the pandemic.

Survey overview

Working from home shows remote workers that self-employment is a legitimate career option for them. This given that 35% say they have more free time and are interested in trying something new (39%). And that prompted 51% to consider becoming self-employed.

Considering that 97% of those polled in the survey have worked from home in the past eight months, there is huge potential for growth in self-employment after the pandemic. The fact that they are now used to working from home is also an important point.

Forty-one percent say they are very satisfied with their work from home, compared to 29% when they started. But it has its drawbacks. Too many distractions (31%), setting clear boundaries between work and family life (27%) and isolation (24%) are problems.

In addition, there are health factors to consider. Respondents report that reduced physical activity (38%), more time spent in front of a screen resulting in eye strain / headaches (40%) and increased overtime (64%) are problems.

Moving forward

In the study, 48% of those polled say this year has increased their chances of looking for a new job. More than half or 52% of men say they are likely to look for a new job, while 46% of women will do the same.

They are also looking to try something new (24%), start their own business (20%) and gain experience in a new industry (21%).

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