250 Visitors Come For The Kutztown Area Historical Society’s First Spring Arts and Crafts Festival | New

The grounds of the 1892 Public School Building at the corner of Whiteoak and Normal in Kutztown welcomed artists and visitors to the Kutztown Area Historical Society‘s first Spring Arts and Crafts Festival on Saturday May 22 .

“We had to cancel the company’s holiday festival last November, so we wanted to do something to help the artists who usually attend. And we wanted to do something to help Kutztown come out of the pandemic doldrums. So we decided to organize an outdoor craft festival, ”said event organizer Kerri Shegan. “The weather in May can be tough, but we were lucky with a great day.”

The event brought together 20 artists who sold their creations to around 250 visitors throughout the day. Kutztown Foodleigh caterer provided lunch items for visitors, who relaxed on the company’s grounds while enjoying their lunch.

“I love doing events in historical society. The building and the grounds are so beautiful, ”said Leigh Urweiler, owner of Foodleigh.

For the future, no decision has been taken to make it an annual event.

“We haven’t made any decisions about having this event next May,” said incoming company president Karen DeLong, “but we’re definitely having our holiday festival on November 13th.

For more information on the Kutztown Area Historical Society, follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or visit their website at kutztownhistory.org. Contact the company at [email protected]

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