10 Most Underrated Members Of The Justice Society

The Justice Society of America is DC’s oldest super team and a pioneer. The team was among the first official superhero groups in comic book history and pioneered the “all popular heroes in one place” team concept. Over the next eight decades, the team has had many members, some of them icons like Jay Garrick’s Flash or Alan Scott’s Green Lantern. However, not all of them receive as much esteem as they should.

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A team as legendary as the JSA has been carried by heroes of all kinds. Fans love the big guns from the team’s golden age, but the lesser-known members also have their share of fans. They make the JSA special and different from other DC Comics teams, adding extra facets to the team’s stories.

ten Johnny Thunder was the original team mascot

Johnny Thunder pioneered an important trope in superhero comics. He was the JSA fanboy whose possession of the Thunderbolt, a powerful genius, allowed him to hang out with his heroes. He was the youngest member of the team, the backup comic, and often called their mascot by older heroes. He was also one of the most powerful members of the team.

The Thunderbolt’s powers and protective attitude towards Johnny and the team have pulled them out of the fire on several occasions. Johnny rarely received the respect he deserved, but he was definitely far more iconic of the team and the future of the comics industry than he was given credit for.

9 The atom was a pint-sized pugilist

The Atom is another original member of the Justice Society who is not as tall as his comrades. The smallest member of the team, Al Pratt learned to defend himself against bullies and became a great boxer and wrestler. Called the Atom due to his size, he was a fierce member of the team, eventually gaining superhuman physical powers and an atomic punch.

The atom was dead before the JSA reboot in 1999 that took the team into the stratosphere, which definitely plays a part in how underrated he is. However, the Atom is a great character and certainly deserves more credit for his role in the Golden Age.

8 Obsidian’s Life Story Gives It So Much Potential

Obsidian is the son of Alan Scott and Thorn. Placed in foster care after the death of his mother, who hid the existence of Obsidian and his sister Jade from Scott, he was terribly abused when he discovered his ties to the Shadowlands. This gave him his shadow powers, but also exacerbated his health issues, making him easily corruptible by Ian Karkul.

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Healed by his father, Obsidian came out of the closet and embraced who he truly was. Obsidian is a powerful hero with an interesting backstory that can be used in a variety of ways. He got the most attention during his time as a villain, but there’s so much to explore with him as a hero.

seven Jack Knight’s tenure with the team was short

90s DC was full of gems, with star man leading the charge of critically acclaimed comics. Jack Knight reluctantly took over the Cosmic Rod after the death of his brother David and defended Opal City while accepting his father’s legacy was brilliant. Without its popularity, DC’s late ’90s Golden Age revival that led to JSA would never have happened.

Jack was an early member of this team, fitting in well with his fellow legacy heroes and his father’s old friends. He retired early in the team’s tenure, giving the Cosmic Rod to Stargirl, but his role in the future of the resurgent Justice Society was very important.

6 Dr. Mid-Nite III made the coat his own

The new Justice Society relaunch is missing some heroes fans want to see, including Dr. Mid-Nite III. Pieter Cross was blinded but gained the power to see perfectly in the dark and took over the role of Dr. Mid-Nite. He became an integral part of the new JSA, both due to his combat skills and his medical knowledge.

Mid-Nite was a different type of superhero, more concerned with healing than fighting, playing well with Mr. Terrific. Dr. Mid-Nite III was the quiet core of the team, the rock that carried them through all negative circumstances. He wasn’t the flashiest member, but he was an important legacy figure.

5 Wildcat doesn’t get the same credit as other founders

Wildcat has always been as tough as they come, but he doesn’t quite get the respect that the other surviving Founders get. Hawkman, Alan Scott, and Jay Garrick are the big guns of the Justice Society, while Wildcat is the stone murderer, the guy with nine lives ready to beat everyone around him into submission.

Wildcat isn’t as flashy as some of the other team members and doesn’t have any cool powers, but he’s very important to the team’s story. Wildcat never backs down. He’s an excellent trainer, having taught several heroes how to fight, including Black Canary.

4 Jade has a rich history in the DC Universe

Alan Scott is the Justice Society’s Superman, but his children only benefited from his wisdom as adults. Between Jade and her brother Obsidian, she had a much easier life. Her foster family weren’t monsters, and she didn’t inherit Obsidian’s health issues. His powers were easier to manage and gave him many opportunities.

She spent time with the Green Lanterns, worked with her then-boyfriend Kyle Rayner, helped lead the Outsiders, and worked with the Justice Society and Justice League on several occasions. She was always a B-list hero with A-list talents and powers.

3 Neither Hourman gets enough respect

Rex Tyler created Miraclo in the Golden Age and became Hourman, using his hour of power to fight crime and become a legend in the Justice Society. Unfortunately, Miraclo and the Rush of Being a Hero was very addicting. He had to defeat his demons to regain his life, eventually fixing Miraclo’s formula and removing the addictive elements.

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His son Rick had the same issues, inheriting his father’s propensity for addiction. Rick fought to overcome it and eventually became a former statesman of the new Justice Society alongside his wife Jessie Quick. Both Hourmen are bigger heroes than they are given credit for with stories and struggles worth exploring further.

2 Jesse Quick is the most versatile speedster in the Justice Society

Jay Garrick is the Justice Society’s first speedster, but he’s not the best. Daughter of Society allies Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jessie Quick mastered her father’s Speed ​​Force equation and battled evil, working with Wally West, Max Mercury, and Garrick. She would eventually join the Justice Society and marry Rick Tyler, the second Hourman.

She later lost her connection with Speed ​​Force but gained exceptional strength and durability like her mother. In a battle with Zoom, she reconnected with the Speed ​​Force and moved fast enough to stop him, which is no small feat. Her combination of speed and strength makes her incredibly versatile.

1 Jakeem Thunder has become a great hero

In the pantheon of the most powerful members of the Justice Society, Jakeem Thunder doesn’t have much credit. Considering he’s part of Johnny Thunder’s legacy, that makes sense. The teenager received the Thunderbolt pen from a senile Johnny while visiting the nursing home where the former hero lived. Jakeem became a junior member of the team. He was a talkative kid, but he had potential.

When Ultra-Humanite took over Johnny’s body and stole the Thunderbolt, Jakeem led the resistance, proving his chops. Johnny bonded with the Thunderbolt, and he and Jakeem became an incredible team.

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