Subsidized loans for women 2017

Subsidized loans for women 2017

In Italy more and more people, also because of the economic crisis, decide to start their own business giving life to a startup. And increasingly women are the promoters of these projects.

Female entrepreneurship is therefore an increasingly established component within the panorama of SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprises. In Italy, this type of company is facilitated by Law 215/92 “Positive actions for female entrepreneurship”.

The loans granted are intended for companies, established or to be established, formed mainly by women or individual businesses whose owner is a woman. They also aim to encourage valid, innovative and real interest projects.

To access these loans, it is necessary to consult the notices published periodically by your region or by the Ministry of Economic Development and submit the application according to the methods and times established by institutions and institutions.

The concessions for female entrepreneurship are provided in the form of:

  • non-refundable contributions;
  • tax credit;
  • subsidized financing.

Grants loan

The non-refundable contributions foresee that the requested sum will not be returned. They are provided to startups or to young and female entrepreneurs, however they can also be granted to companies located in disadvantaged territorial areas.

The non-repayable loans establish that there is no repayment of the capital and interest accrued and are allocated by entities and institutions, such as the USDpean Union, State and Regions. They can also be combined with other ongoing discounts.

Generally, non-repayable loans provide that 50% of the funds are not returned and the rest is repaid in monthly installments at a subsidized rate.

Tax credit

The tax credit is a credit to the State which reduces the amount of debts and taxes due or can be requested for a refund by means of the income statement. It is a type of credit used to incentivize research projects and entrepreneurial realities.

Facilitated financing

Facilitated financing

The subsidized loan is granted on favorable terms and is intended for people or businesses with certain requirements. They are granted by public organizations or private credit institutions.

As far as companies are concerned, local authorities usually grant this type of financing at advantageous conditions to support the economy of a specific territorial area.

What are the requirements to be able to take advantage of the female entrepreneurship facilities?

To take advantage of the facilities and apply, SMEs must meet the following requirements:

  • Sole proprietorship: the owner must be a woman;
  • Partnerships and cooperatives: there must be at least 60% of the female members;
  • Capital companies: at least 2/3 of the shares must be owned by women and the administration must be composed of at least 1/3 of women.

Instead, small businesses must have the following requirements:

  • Having less than 50 employees;
  • Have a turnover of less than 7 million USD or 5 million of balance sheet total;
  • Do not be dependent on participating companies.